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The craziest Nicolas Cage film of all time: wicked trailer unleashes excess of action-horror-samurai

When Nicolas Cage himself makes a new film with him as a wildest so far we are of course immediately amazed and fueled. What could top all of that in the actor’s career, who recently went on a campaign of revenge against demons in Mandy or because of a pig in Pig, for example?

The answer is probably provided by Prisoners Of The Ghostland, for which a first trailer has now been released. The new Cage movie looks very crazy and could really deliver on the star’s promise. A master of film excesses on the director’s chair also takes care of that.

The new Nicolas Cage film will be a completely wacky genre mix full of madness

In Prisoners of the Ghostland, Cage plays a bank robber who is hired by a wealthy warlord (Bill Moseley) to save his adopted granddaughter (Sofia Boutella) from a mysterious ghost dimension. If he can do it, he’ll be set free. If not, the numerous explosive devices attached to it explode after 5 days.

Check out the trailer for Prisoners of the Ghostland here:

Prisoners Of The Ghostland – Trailer (English) HD


The trailer for the new Cage film is already teasing a totally wacky genre mix, the Action, horror, fantasy and martial arts lump together with ninja, cowboys and ghosts! Right in the middle of it is, of course, another Nicolas Cage in top form, who at some point already yells in the preview that he is radioactive. In the trailer, the quote from Cage is shown again that the film should be the wildest so far.

Of the excess of Prisoners of the Ghostland should also be secured by the director. The film was directed by the idiosyncratic Japanese Shion Sono, who, like the well-known extreme director Takashi Miike, has made an unmanageable number of films in a short period of time. Among the best-known works by Sonos is the four-hour Love Exposure, which also mixes all possible genres.

In the US, Shion Sono’s new Nicolas Cage film will be released in cinemas and on VoD on September 17th. When and how Prisoners of the Ghostland in Germany appears, is unfortunately not yet known.

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