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Slight correction for Bitcoin – high plus for Terra

On Monday there were many increases in the crypto market, Bitcoin even finally surpassed the $ 50,000 mark again (Trending Topics reported). This trend will continue on Tuesday (August 24th), although there have been slight corrections in some of the top currencies. Bitcoin has lost about one percent in the past 24 hours. This puts BTC at a value of 42,000 euros and again just under 50,000 dollars. The capitalization here is just under 500 billion euros.

Corrections in Bitcoin and Ethereum – Solana and Terra continue to rise

On the other hand, things are still uphill at Terra. The currency has seen a whopping 18 percent rise in the past 24 hours. In the past seven days, that means an increase of 38 percent. The value here is almost 30 euros with a capitalization of 11.7 billion euros. Things are also going well for Solana: after a minus on Monday, the asset has again increased by more than five percent today. As a result, the value is 66 euros and the capitalization is just under 20 billion euros.

The Terra Chart for the last 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Terra Chart for the last 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

The other top currencies are also seeing slight increases or are at least remaining stable. Ethereum has achieved a plus of one percent and is thus at a value of 2,850 euros. Here the capitalization stands at 334 billion euros. Cardano has increased by four percent to 2.50 euros with a capitalization of 80 billion euros. The capitalization in the overall market is now 1.83 trillion euros.

Top stories

Substack is now offering Bitcoin payments

The US platform Substack, which allows authors to offer newsletters as a subscription on its website, now allows Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network. Some selected crypto publications can already accept the top coins from their subscribers as a means of payment. For this innovation, Substack is working with the payment processing company OpenNode (Trending Topics reported).

Substack enables Bitcoin payments for crypto newsletters

Deutsche Neobank Nuri starts savings plans for BTC and ETH

The German neobank Nuri is doing the same as the Austrian fintech Bitpanda and is now offering new savings plans for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This works from a monthly amount of 30 euros and is intended to appeal to those customers who are deterred by the high volatility of crypto currencies. With regular but smaller investments, they should be less affected by price fluctuations than with investments on a large scale (Trending Topics reported).

Deutsche Neobank Nuri launches savings plans for Bitcoin and Ethereum

El Salvador will receive 200 Bitcoin ATMs from September

The plans of the Central American state El Salvador to make Bitcoin legal tender are becoming more and more concrete. Now, according to Bitcoin Magazine, President Nayib Bukele has announced that the country will start operating 200 of its own Bitcoin machines from September 7th. They should work like normal ATMs and pay out the crypto currency digitally on the new government app Chivo. This should make it easier for people to trade the cryptocurrency. Bukele also emphasizes that citizens are free to choose whether they want to use Bitcoin or not.

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