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Several celebrities involved: George Clooney founds school with a special background | news

The Royal School of Film and Television Production

Superstar George Clooney has teamed up with well-known Hollywood colleagues like Don Cheadle and Kerry Washington to implement a special project. Together with other stars, they want to found a special school. This is intended to offer underprivileged young people a place where they can learn everything they need to later find their way into the film and entertainment industry. In this way, the celebrities want to ensure more diversity and make a career in the industry easier and possible for young people. US celebrities such as Grant Heslov, Mindy Kaling, Nicole Avant and Eva Longoria are among the founders who want to open the school in Los Angeles. According to several reports in the US media, the facility will be called the Royal School of Film and Television Production and will open its doors as a pilot program as early as autumn 2022.

Young people should be given a chance

The purpose of the school is to link the necessary practical training in the film industry with general school education. During their school days, the young people should be given the opportunity to do several internships in various studios and production companies in order to better prepare them for the tasks and jobs in the film and television industry. Initially, the school is to open to ninth and tenth graders, and if possible, the range is to be expanded over the next few years. editorial team

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