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Ryan Reynolds shoots Marvel muscle mania in video & makes fun of Chris Hemsworth

In what feels like the seventy-third promo video for his upcoming film Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds has chosen a very simple target: The muscle war in Hollywood, mainly led by actors from the DC and Marvel franchises.

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Ryan Reynolds’ joke against the escalated Marvel muscles

A striking number of stars from these films suddenly appear in public with a six-pack burned into their core: Chris Pratt did that in the recent past and Kumail Nanjiani from Eternals is a more recent example. Captain Marvel Brie Larson also works his way to becoming a heroine in the private gym. And we don’t even begin with Dwayne Johnson’s fight against his own body.

Chris Hemsworth practices this physical culture in its purest form for Thor 4. He sells muscle growth efforts as a self-care measure and self-optimization as self-discovery on his Instagram channel.

Free Guy Clip: Next Level Reynolds (English) HD


In the clip, Reynolds swaps his own body – which, incidentally, has also seen the inside of one or the other gym – for one Bodybuilders. He also had his hair bleached, his teeth bleached and he also looks more tanned than usual. Reynolds plays in Free Guy a character named Dude, which is easy to distinguish from his other character, who is just called Guy.

The Free Guy clip is the best example of Ryan Reynolds’ promotional strategy

The muscle madness in Hollywood probably plays a minimal role in Free Guy. With the satirical adaptation of the muscular mania, Reynolds spans the greatest possible arc and thus takes the largest possible audience with him, which he directs to Free Guy. The entrepreneur Reynolds runs a company that specializes in this type of “viral marketing”: Maximum Effort.

The agency produced the viral clips for Deadpool and Co., but also oversees other projects, with Reynolds and his alter ego Deadpool almost always appearing somehow. However, Maxximum Effort usually advertises Reynolds’ own companies and holdings, including a gin brand and, more recently, a football club.

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That’s what Ryan Reynolds’ new film Free Guy is all about

Guy lives in Free City and works there as a bank clerk at the cash register. All of his days look the same, but that doesn’t mean his life is boring, as assaults, violence and explosions are the order of the day here. He got used to it. Even so, he sometimes wonders if there isn’t anything more.

Only when he meets Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) does his wish finally come true. Perhaps too true: Because Guy has to find out from her that he is an NPC: a non-player character (i.e. a non-playable character) in a video game. Because Free City is actually an open world game.

Free guy starts in German cinemas on August 12th.

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