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Russo Netflix spy thriller: The Gray Man filmed with Gosling & Evans

++ Update from August 3rd, 2021: Finally there is an update from the Russo brothers too The Gray Man, the film is in the box! The directing duo revealed this via Twitter:

++ News from March 17th, 2021: The Gray Man from the Russo brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, with tons of Hollywood stars including reunion with “Cap” Chris Evans, and a freelance title hit man hunted by this one, the Ryan Gosling represents – that explains part of the fat budget that the most expensive to date Netflix-Movie will devour. And exactly that now goes into productionas the Russos themselves via Instagram have announced, you can find the posting attached at the bottom.

The Gray Man should a global spy action thriller – and if possible the start of a new franchise. This is definitely what the template gives: The Gray Man is based on that Mark Greaney’s debut novel, “The Gray Man”, from which a number of bestsellers has sprung. In the film, as mentioned, Gosling plays the eponymous “Gray Man,” an ex-CIA agent and freelance killer named Court Gentrywho is being hunted around the globe by his former CIA colleague Lloyd Hansen (Evans in another “anti-Captain America role”).

The Russos produce The Gray Man with her studio AGBO, direct and deliver the script themselves, freshly revised by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who did the work for the brothers The Return of the First Avenger, The First Avenger – Civil War, Avengers – Infinity War and Avengers – Endgame wrote (all of their MCU films).

Do you still have questions about what to expect? ^^ Not to be forgotten Ana de Armaswhich after Blade Runner 2049 so that he meets Gosling again, and with Evans the Knives out-Reunion celebrates – so the circles come full circle …



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