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“Rogue Hunter”: Megan Fox takes on terrorists and lioness! “He was torn to pieces”

Action thriller with Megan Fox! The former sex symbol plays a tough mercenary in Rogue Hunter who takes on the al-Shabaab militia and a lioness.

Germany – Full of action in the first trailer! “Rogue Hunter” will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on March 5th, and will also be available in electronic sales from February 26th. Plays in a brute thriller Megan Fox (34) a tough mercenary who deals with African Terrorists and even put on a bloodthirsty lioness.

Asilia Wilson (Jessica Sutton) was kidnapped by the al-Shabaab militia and locked in a cage.

Asilia Wilson (Jessica Sutton) was kidnapped by the al-Shabaab militia and locked in a cage. © PR / Splendid Film GmbH

The former sex symbol embodies Samantha O’Hara, who leads a group of soldiers. You are supposed to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a governor, Asilia Wilson (Jessica Sutton), from the hands of brutal terrorists in Africa.

In doing so, they have to proceed tactically and act inconspicuously. When the villains want to embarrass the young woman, the mercenaries intervene and are discovered. They free several hostages, but Al-Shabaab leader Zalaam (Adam Deacon) destroys their helicopter with a rocket launcher, which is why O’Hara and her companions then have to make their way on foot.

Samantha is worried because she “promised” to take care of Asilia. But that turns out to be a difficult task because Zalaam and his criminal friends are hunting them. Wilson fears: “You will find us!”

O’Hara and her troop arrive at an abandoned farm, which puzzles them: “Where have they all gone?” The explanation will follow soon.

The extensive area was used by poachers as a breeding ground for lions, which were then hunted as “trophies”. Not all of them are dead, however. Some have not left the ranch either. The soldiers are attacked by a lioness. Samantha is horrified: “It was torn into a thousand pieces!”

Then it crashes and explodes violently!

Al-Shabaab leader Zalaam (Adam Deacon) gives the mercenaries a bitter fight.

Al-Shabaab leader Zalaam (Adam Deacon) gives the mercenaries a bitter fight. © PR / Splendid Film GmbH

Whether the actioner from director MJ Bassett (“Silent Hill: Revelation”, “Solomon Kane”, “Strike Back”) can convince in terms of quality remains to be seen.

According to the press release, the filmmaker, who also wrote the script together with her daughter Isabel, has a personal concern: the fight against the extinction of endangered species. So this topic will play an important role, as the trailer already suggests.

Does this make “Rogue Hunter” more than an off-the-shelf action thriller? Quite possible.

The landscape shots (shot in South Africa) are impressive, and the entertainment factor also seems to be there.

How the story is implemented, however, is a completely different question. After all, nobody from the first ranks of Hollywood or international films is involved in this comparatively small project.

Fox (“Transformers”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Jonah Hex”) has only played in second-rate productions for years. The special effects (animation of the lioness) suggest that things could go in a similar direction here. But if you want to get an idea of ​​the work yourself, you don’t have to wait long to see Fox in action.

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