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Robert Pattinson: is he the worst paid Batman of all time?

Robert Pattinson appears to be one of the worst-paid Batman actors out there. The US magazine “Variety” recently published the salaries of the biggest Hollywood stars; according to this, Daniel Craig is the highest paid at $ 100 million thanks to his upcoming role in “Knives Out 2”, while Pattinson is at the bottom of the list only receiving a few million for his work in “The Batman,” which will be one of the biggest hits in 2022 by Warner Bros. is expected to be.

From Robert Pattinson to Val Kilmer: The salaries of the Batman actors

According to the Variety report, Robert Pattinson would receive $ 3 million for “The Batman,” which is less than other actors who have played the iconic cartoon character on the big screen.

According to “The Richest,” Christian Bale, who played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s films, received around $ 10 million for the first part, “Batman Begins,” $ 20 million for the sequel, and another $ 15 million for “The Dark Knight Rises.” ”. (Also Read: All Marvel Movies and TV Series Ranked Worst to Best)

As for Ben Affleck, who embodies the character in Zack Snyder’s films, it was also reported that he received a huge pay for his role. The exact amount was not disclosed, but Deadline reports that he received an amount well in excess of $ 10 million.

Robert Pattinson is the next actor to slip into the role of the dark knight.

Warner bros.

Even Michael Keaton, who first played the role in the film, was paid a higher salary than Pattinson at $ 5 million. Including inflation, Keaton’s fee would now equal $ 10 million. Val Kilmer, who was one of the worst-received Batmans in history, also received $ 7 million for his role.

Robert Pattinson earns more than George Clooney as Batman

On the other hand, Robert Pattinson’s fee for “The Batman” far exceeds that of George Clooney, who is said to have made only $ 1 million for “Batman & Robin”, while his co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger for his role as “Mr. Freeze ”received around $ 30 million. The truth is that the franchise was at one of its lows at this point. (Also interesting: Batman: Coming out in the comics – Robin is now bisexual)

That could be the case with Pattinson as well, as “The Batman” is promising but is coming to a low point for Warner Bros .; DC Comics’ film universe does not match the success of the Marvel films and is repeatedly confronted with creative crises, including the chaos caused by Zack Snyder’s version of “Justice League”. The Batman film was also originally intended to be directed by Ben Affleck, but the actor decided to drop out of the project, which resulted in this new vision directed by Matt Reeves who received good reviews for the Planet of the Apes films Has.

The future of Batman movies

The truth is, Pattinson is no stranger to small salaries. Since he became famous around the world with the “Twilight” saga, the British actor has often taken the liberty of choosing smaller, independent projects; “The Batman” is also treated as an outsider project like Todd Phillips’ “Joker”. Because of this, the relatively small amount Pattinson receives for the film may not come as a surprise to some. (Also worth reading: Best dressed comic heroes: These are the most stylish actors in the Marvel and DC universes)

On the other hand, it is worth considering that Pattinson is reportedly to be involved in several Batman productions, so his salary could rise if the film becomes a success and if sequels or projects are developed in which he is involved. However, it is not known how much money Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will receive for participating in “The Flash”, where both will appear in their respective versions of Batman.

The article “Robert Pattinson ganó menos por The Batman que Christian Bale (y otros)” by Alonso Martínez first appeared at GQ.mx.

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