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Rihanna’s “Fenty” perfume completely sold out

August 11, 2021 – Maja Caterina Woltemath

The billionaire freshly chosen by “Forbes” has launched her first perfume with her brand “Fenty”. After just a few hours it was sold out worldwide. She celebrates her success with a portion of caviar for breakfast.

That the “Needed me” singer can do just about EVERYTHING, we will have at the latest in 2017 with the release of her cosmetics brand “Fenty Beauty “noticed. But” Fenty “has now established itself in more areas than just cosmetics. In addition to her underwear clothing line,” Savage x Fenty “, she also launched her own perfume on Tuesday (August 10th). Anyone who has known Rihanna for a long time knows that she had already brought some perfumes onto the market before, but “Fenty Parfum” is supposed to be different.

It should smell just like Rihanna herself, but is still a unisex perfume.

“Rihanna smells heavenly!”

As a funny promo idea for the new fragrance, Rihanna posted a compilation of stars who independently mention in interviews how good Rihanna should smell.

She is officially the richest singer in the world

Even Madonna and Celine Dion can no longer reach the billionaire. Rihanna is the richest singer in the world, according to Forbes Magazine, and 50% of her profit comes from her Fenty brand. So she is not only a gifted singer, but also a sales genius. As happy as they are for their business success, many fans think it is time for a new album. In 2016 she released her latest double platinum album “Anti” – and that was 5 years ago.

Is Rihanna switching to reggae?

For many years there has been speculation about a new album from her. Rihanna herself announced in December 2020 that she would like to take her music and business to another level in 2021. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. But as early as October 2019, she revealed in an interview with Vogue that her album will be reggae-inspired. “Reggea has always felt right to me, it’s in my blood,” said the singer. So when will the album be released? “I’ll post it when I feel like it, I’m not going to get it out just because people are waiting. It’s been going on for so long and the wait should pay off,” she said in a promo interview last July for their facial care range “Fenty Skin.”

So it will be a while before we hear new music from Rihanna, but as soon as she releases a new single, you’ll be with us first News Stream hear.

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