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Porsche 928 (1979) movie car Risky Business

Barrett-Jackson is auctioning a Porsche 928 in Houston that Tom Cruise drove in the film “Risky Business”. It is one of three vehicles of this type that was used during filming – and has been seen in the film for the longest time.

“Loose deals” is the German title and is considered to be one of the first films to address neoliberalism under Ronald Reagan. Cruise became famous through the film, with critics responding almost exclusively to the coming-of-age drama by writer and director Paul Brickman.

Risky Beginners: Son kidnaps Papa’s Porsche

Porsche 928 (1979) "Risky business"


“Risky Business” made Tom Cruise famous.

The plot of the film “Risky Business”, shown for the first time in 1983, is quickly summarized: Joel Goodson, played by Tom Cruise, is a good son from a good family. His parents are away and Joel is supposed to be preparing for college entrance exams. Instead, he falls in love with a prostitute, sets up a brothel in his parents’ house and earns $ 8,000 in one night. Which he urgently needs to repair Papa’s wet Porsche. Because he sank it during a chase with a pimp in Lake Michigan.

Tom Cruise learned to shift gears in this 928

Another 928 was sunk, but the auction copy was not pampered either: it can be seen in the chase, which is a central scene in the film. Tom Cruise also learned to shift gears in this car – he had previously only driven automatic cars.

Porsche 928 (1979) "Risky business"


The paint is probably Opal Metallic.

The Porsche, which was originally painted green, was overmolded in beige metallic for the shoot. Presumably it is Opal Metallic from model year 1980. The seats are covered with leather in cork. Filmmaker Lewis Johnson discovered the car in California and restored it to its original condition. Johnson documented the search for the car in “The Quest for the RB928 (Risky Business 928)”. The last time the Film-928 was part of a collection was in an air-conditioned hall. The car was also on display for a while in an exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum. A price has not yet been determined. The auction will take place in Houston, Texas, September 16-18, 2021.

The Porsche 928

Porsche had developed the 928 as a comfortable sports car and launched it on the market in 1977. The model was controversial internally. Traditional 911 drivers considered it too big, heavy and comfortable, but for this very reason it was valued by some customers as a fast car for long journeys. Although the 4.5-liter V8 developed more power than the six-cylinder boxer engine of the 911, the 928 was hardly any better. This was also due to the design for normal gasoline, which Porsche corrected later. The design stayed fresh for a long time, production of the series only ended in 1995. In 1978 the 928 was the only sports car to be named “Car of the Year”.

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Sure, of course. The history of a car is particularly important and everything else is secondary.

Never. Only the technical and optical condition as well as the equipment count.

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A Porsche 928 from a film that addresses neoliberalism and growing up and helps Tom Cruise achieve his breakthrough as an actor: a story that goes just as well as Opal Metallic with leather cork. It will be interesting to see what price this Porsche will achieve.

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