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People: Anna Kendrick ?? one like none

Anna Kendrick did it. Because she always says – or better said: writes – what she thinks, she has gathered 5.6 million fans around her on the Internet platform Twitter, to whom she has supplied almost 2,000 tweets, i.e. short messages, within seven years. It is important not to bend over to the 30-year-old. “When I’m mocking, people know that’s my style. I would be as bad as Taylor Swift, the perfect Miss America who cares about her fans, ”Kendrick said in an interview. “Of course I don’t want to spoil the day for my fans, but I’m really happy when I can express my stubborn comments and be liked for my own kind.” She is right.

In Germany she is best known as high school student Jessica Stanley in the “Twilight” films. Kendrick played her first role as a teenager, when she was on stage on Broadway. For her performance in “High Society” she was nominated for the Tony Award as the second youngest actress ever. For the time being, Kendrick stayed loyal to the theater, in 2003 she got her first cinema role (“Star Camp”), before she became known internationally to a wide audience in 2008 thanks to the first “Twilight” film. For her role in “Up In The Air” (2009, with George Clooney) she was not only nominated for an Oscar, but all in all for more than 30 awards. Somebody will have to imitate her first.

Anna Kendrick shows her talent for singing in “Pitch Perfect”

But that’s not all: since her lead role as the rebellious Beca Mitchell in “Pitch Perfect” (2012), the whole world has known that Kendrick can also sing. The American was on the soundtrack of the film, her version of “When I’m Gone” made it into the top ten of the American Billboard charts. The second part brought in over 250 million euros worldwide. Part three will be shot from September.

She doesn’t quite like the fact that Kendrick has something like a break until then: “I like it when it goes from one project to the next.” The actress, who has already made six films within a year, will not be bored. Because in autumn she will bring her first book with autobiographical short stories onto the market. Thanks to Twitter, you know that Kendrick can put her humor into words. Would you like some examples? “I’m so humble, it’s crazy. I’m the Kanye West of humility.” Or: “I don’t understand people who buy fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful, yes, but so are majestic jungle big cats. I still prefer them to be far away.” Let’s see what she tries next.

“When I’m Gone” (from “Pitch Perfect”)

The big entrance of the Bards Bellas (from “Pitch Perfect 2”)

Anna Kendrick’s scenes in “Breaking Dawn”

Anna Kendrick sings on the “Late Late Show”:

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