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Onlyfans increases its value to over 1 billion dollars

Away from porn, towards the mainstream (Photo: Mehaniq / Shutterstock)

The Onlyfans online platform is growing and growing. This is now also reflected in a new financing round. The path leads from adult entertainment to mainstream.

All kinds of celebrities, influencers and even erotic stars cavort at Onlyfans, who often present their followers with revealing photos and videos. Unlike Instagram, these photos and videos can only be seen if a monthly subscription price is paid. This concept is well received by users.

As reported by the US news agency Bloomberg, Onlyfans achieved sales of over two billion US dollars in the past year. Onlyfans levies a fee of 20 percent on the income of the content creators – which in this case corresponds to a whopping 400 million dollars. In a recent financing round, the platform consequently received a valuation of more than one billion dollars.

Away from porn, towards the mainstream

In total, the British company has over 130 million users who have registered in recent years. According to Bloomberg, the number of users rose by more than 100 percent in 2021 alone. Onlyfans says it is working on becoming more of a mainstream platform. The porn call that can still be heard should gradually fall silent.

Rather, Onlyfans wants to be a place where fans can get in touch with a wide range of celebrities and athletes. This aspect is also intended to attract more advertisers. The motto of the future is practically “Less undressing for more attraction”. The most prominent users include rapper Cardi B. and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. When Mayweather joined the platform, Onlyfans CEO Tim Stokely said: “Athletes are a creative genre in which we see a lot of growth”. Mayweather is also convinced of the Onlyfans concept: “I’m looking forward to giving you an insight into my life and some unprecedented content, while also getting to know top fans”.

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For Onlyfans, the corona pandemic came at the right time. In addition to athletes and erotic stars, fitness trainers and cooks also found their way to the website to offer their services.

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