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Nuri starts savings plans for Bitcoin and Ethereum & other news

Nuri launches savings plans for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Starting today, customers of Nuri (formerly Bitwala) can create savings plans in cryptocurrencies. Money can be regularly invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum from an amount of 30 euros a month. There is a 1 percent trading fee. Continue reading…

Element and Parametrix Insurance become partners

Neo-insurer Element enters into a strategic partnership with the US company Parametrix Insurance. As Element informs us via email, this is the first on an international level. Together, the two companies want to bring a parametric cloud failover to the market, which should protect companies from financial losses due to disruptions and downtimes in their IT and cloud structures. Element acts as a risk carrier and is responsible for claims settlement.

N26 responds to threat from BaFin

As reported, BaFin seems to have torn patience with Neo-Bank N26. In this context, there was talk of a possible restriction of new customer business. N26 now wants to expand its management level to include an expert in matters of governance and compliance. It remains to be seen whether this will appease the authorities. Continue reading…

Visa opens up to NFT

Visa is making its first tentative foray into NFT with the purchase of a “Cryptopunk” NFT worth $ 150,000 in Ethereum. Since 2017, 10,000 of these avatars have already been created in the form of NFT and stored in the Etherum blockchain. Some of these specimens have already fetched $ 7 million. The one purchased by Visa is said to be a rather grumpy-looking specimen with a mohawk. Read more …

Softbank makes OPay a unicorn

Opay is a mobile payment fintech founded in 2017 in Nigeria. According to its own information, the company already has 160 million active customers and has processed payments totaling 490 billion dollars since it was founded. Under the leadership of Softbanks Vision Fund, OPay secures funding of $ 400 million, catapulting the company’s valuation to $ 2 billion. Read more …

Kraken is coming to Europe

Kraken, the second largest crypto exchange in the United States, apparently wants to expand into Europe. As founder and CEO Jesse Powell explains in an interview, the company is working on a license in an EU country. The market entry should take place by the end of the year. Read more (Paid)…

Study by Stripe on the payment process on websites

Payment provider Stripe examined 800 commercial websites from various European countries as part of a study with regard to payment. According to Stripe, 94 percent of the offers had five or more errors on their payment pages. These lead to unnecessary complications when paying and, in the worst case, to abandoned purchases. In addition to the lack of support for (mobile) processes such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, this also includes poor support for mobile devices. Continue reading…


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