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“Men in Black” Films: The Order of Science Fiction Hits

In four films you can accompany the “Men in Black” in their fight against alien threats. We’ll tell you the correct order of the films here.

There are a variety of science fiction films that deal with extraterrestrial life. But hardly any other film succeeds as well as the “Men in Black” series in combining this topic with a concentrated load of humor. The interaction between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made a significant contribution to this in the first three films. In the latest film, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth continue that tradition. The “Men in Black” films not only promise a lot of action, but also provide a laugh or two. You can read below what the films are about and in which order you should watch them.

+++ Warning: Spoilers for the “Men in Black” films will follow! +++

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The correct order of the “Men in Black” films

The correct order of the Men in Black films is pretty easy to explain. The order, chronologically and according to the date of publication do not differ. However, you can view the first three films as an independent trilogy and watch the fourth part separately from the previous films – with part 4 probably being a bit more fun with the appropriate prior knowledge.

“Men in Black” (1997)

Agent K and Agent J with the neuralizer. (© Columbia TriStar)

The film series began in 1997 with the film “Men in Black”. There, police officer James Edwards (Will Smith) is initially recruited by Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) for the Men in Black. An organization that regulates extraterrestrial life on earth. A little later, Edwards becomes Agent J, the new partner for Agent K. In their first joint mission, the two fundamentally different agents have to hunt down a malicious alien cockroach in order to prevent the destruction of the earth. The most important thing is that they grow together as a team.

“Men in Black II” (2002)

Agent K and Agent J take up arms. (© Sony)

After Agent K voluntarily erased his memories of everything to do with the “Men in Black” at the end of the first film, Agent J is on his own at the beginning of “Men in Black II”. With his astuteness and wit, he has meanwhile worked his way up to one of the most important agents of the “Men in Black”. Now J is dealing with an evil monster in the skin of a beautiful model who wants to steal the “light of Zartha”. To solve the case, Agent J has to get his old partner Agent K back – which is not that easy. Fortunately, Agent K’s memories are slowly coming back and together with Agent J he saves the world once more.

“Men in Black 3” (2012)

Josh Brolin as the young agent K. (© IMAGO / Mary Evans)

“Men in Black 3” appeared as the last part of the trilogy about agents K and J. This time the two of them have to deal with Boris the Beast. Boris breaks out of a maximum security alien prison and rigged time, leading to Agent K’s disappearance. Agent J then travels 40 years back in time to finish off young Boris. Together with the young agent K (Josh Brolin) he succeeds in defeating the Boris of the past and the present in order to put the passage of time back right.

“Men in Black: International” (2019)

Agent M and Agent H are in a hurry. (© Sony Pictures)

The story of “Men in Black: International” no longer revolves around the duo K and J and can therefore be viewed independently of the previous trilogy. Now agents M (Tessa Thompson) and H (Chris Hemsworth) are the focus. As the title suggests, the two are on an international mission that will take them to London and Naples, among other places. This time the “Men in Black” not only have to deal with nasty aliens, but also have to track down a mole in their own ranks. Agents M and H receive support from Agent High T (Liam Neeson), among others. In the end, luckily, they manage to save the world from an intergalactic catastrophe again.

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