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Lots of rumors about Tom Cruise: new girlfriend, break with Scientology?

Does he have a new girlfriend? And did he break with Scientology? US actor Tom Cruise is currently offering a lot of reason for speculation.

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At Wimbledon, Tom Cruise appeared for the first time with fellow actor Atwell.

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London – For years it was technically quiet about Tom Cruise (59). Ironically, he is said to have fallen in love with the filming of the new part of “Mission: Impossible”, which is still in progress. Namely in fellow actor Hayley Atwell.

In any case, he appeared with the 39-year-old British woman at the Wimbledon women’s final in London a few days ago. There the two were photographed almost more than the tennis players. Cruise and Atwell got along well from the start and would meet after filming, an insider recently said. Outwardly, Atwell would correspond to Cruise’s loot scheme – she resembles his ex-wife Katie Holmes.

On Sunday, Cruise visited Mercedes motorsport director Toto Wolff in Silverstone

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But another rumor about Tom Cruise is currently going on – and that concerns Scientology. The actor has been an avowed member of the sect for decades, which is why he broke with ex-wife Holmes.

However, the American would not have lived in the British headquarters of the “Saint Hill Manor” religious community during his stay in Great Britain, reported The Sun. According to insiders, the pandemic could be to blame for the rift. During the filming of “Mission: Impossible”, Cruise pays careful attention to the minimum distance and the wearing of masks. It is rumored that the opinions between Cruise and Scientology differ very widely when it comes to corona and vaccination. (TT)

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