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Katherine Schwarzenegger on marriage counseling with Chris Pratt

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger has been in a relationship with actor Chris Pratt since June 2018. The two got married in summer 2019. Last August, Katherine gave birth to a daughter. In a conversation in Meaning Full Living-Podcast now raved the 31-year-old about her “incredible husband” Chris Pratt – and on this occasion also revealed the secret of their happy relationship.

Katherine Schwarzenegger raves about Catholic marriage counseling

According to this, a pre-marital, Catholic consultation should have contributed significantly to the foundation of their marriage, Schwarzenegger’s daughter is sure. “Before we got married in the Catholic Church, you had to do marriage counseling before getting married, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, how’s that going to be?’ And it was the most amazing and just the greatest gift, “she said. “I know of course that not everyone [es] because if they don’t tell you to do it, why should you do it? “

For her and Pratt, however, it was the right decision. The premarital counseling was so good for them that she and Pratt decided to continue it throughout their relationship. “It was so helpful to have that guidance in our relationship,” she said of marriage counseling.



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