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Jennifer Aniston: love comeback?

The fans had long hoped that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would still find each other. Now the actress seems to be making a love comeback, but differently than expected …

Jennifer Aniston is not only radiantly beautiful, but also a super successful actress and an indispensable part of Hollywood. In terms of love, however, the 51-year-old has been less fortunate so far, several relationships have failed and two marriages did not last. Because Brad Pitt mourned the relationship not long after the breakup and immediately afterwards met with “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” colleague Angelina Jolie, Jen held the sad image of the betrayed wife for a long time. Everything should get better with her marriage to Justin Theroux, but after only three years this relationship also broke up. Since then, Jennifer Aniston has been single – even though many had hoped for a love comeback with Brad Pitt at the beginning of the year after photos of the two during an awards ceremony had shown very familiar but the long-awaited reunion has so far failed to materialize.

Second try for love?

Now Jennifer Aniston could very well dare a second attempt at love – but not with Brad Pitt. Many fans are now sure that the 51-year-old will be back with them tied up with her ex-boyfriend John Mayer, with whom she was already together from 2008 to 2009. The reason: the 43-year-old is said to be suspiciously often associated with beauty on Instagram and Co., for example by liking some pictures of his ex-girlfriend on various fan accounts, as reported by the “DailyMail” portal . Is there really a second attempt being made here? That would not be surprising, because in an interview with the “Playboy” magazine a few years ago Mayer revealed that he had never completely overcome the separation: “I’ll always find it a shame that it didn’t last. In some way, I wish I could be with her.” In his opinion, the love affair came about because the eight-year-old actress had a problem with Mayer being so active on social media. Jennifer Aniston was not enthusiastic about the revelations of her ex-boyfriend at the time, but found surprisingly loving words for him in an interview with “Vogue”: “He’s a wonderful man. We care about each other. I’m really, really interested in him. We talk, we adore each other.“Is that why the two will dare a second attempt after more than ten years? Even if it’s not Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston would definitely want a happy ending with her Mr. Right.

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