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Jason Momoa: These are his next big films

“Sweet Girl” – Great success on Netflix

The action thriller “Sweet Girl” turns out to be a real super hit for Netflix and even conquered number 1 in the streaming giant’s user charts. And that although the critics were not particularly enthusiastic about “Sweet Girl”. “It doesn’t matter,” say the fans! We want more from Jason Momoa. The native Hawaiian was able to build up a loyal fan base through his roles in “Game Of Thrones” or as “Aquaman” – but what’s next?

“Dune” – It’s going to be epic

Jason Momoa Dune
Jason will appear as Duncan Idaho, a brave fighter, in the visually stunning cinema epic “Dune”

The film adaptation of the novel “The Desert Planet” by Frank Herbert is the first of two planned films. The blockbuster is a remake of the classic from 1984. The sci-fi strip tells the story of the young prince Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), who is in charge of the planet Arrakis. Monstrous worms on the desert planet are the source of a substance that can extend people’s lives. Jason Momoa slips into the visually stunning blockbuster of 2.5 hours into a role that fans will love: he plays Duncon Idaho, a cool and courageous sword fighter for the House of Atreides. The epic should (depending on Corona) be shown in the cinema from September 16.

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“Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” – The saga continues

Jason Momoa Aquaman 2
For the “Aquaman” successor, Jason Momoa should supposedly change quite a bit … 🤔

After the success of the first “Aquaman” it is clear that Jason Momoa will return in the DC superhero role – but not until December 2022. Much is not yet known about the story of “Aquaman 2” or “Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom” – except that Jason will change quite a bit for the comic adaptation – and that the Co -Stars Patrick Wilson (Orm Marius / Ocean Master), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (David Kane / Black Manta), Temuera Morrison (Thomas Curry), Dolph Lundgren (King Nereus), and Amber Heard (Mera) will be back at the start will. In addition, a new villain – Necrus – is to be introduced.

“Slumberland” – totally fantastic

Jason Momoa Slumberland
Shaggy, horns, crazy story – the role in the Netflix film “Slumberland” seems made for Jason Momoa

The fantasy comedy “Slumberland” is based on the comic series “Little Nemo in Slumberland” (German: “The little nemo in slumber land”) and should appear on Netflix in 2022. The film tells the life of little Nema (Marlow Markley) who finds a secret map for the dreamland slumberland. Between nightmares and adventures, she goes in search of her deceased father. At her side: the horned outsider Flip – played by Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa’s other roles

Besides these three blockbusters the 42-year-old plays a role in the western “The Last Manhunt” for which there is no start date. Jason Momoa is also mentioned in rumors about a remake of the movie “Cliffhanger”. The original main role of the 1993 action cracker was played by Sylvester Stallone. So far there is no news about the remake.

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