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Interview: Interview with Johnny Depp: “I hate the idea of ​​the Oscars”

Johnny Depp talks about his punk movie “Shane”, the cult role as a pirate, his crazy life. And he says: “97 percent of the films don’t have to be.”

Mr. Depp, what fascinates you so much Shane McGowanthat you immediately produced a documentary about him?

Johnny Depp: When Shane makes music, for me it is an expression of the highest energy – that is madness with many revolutions, madness with high octane number. At every concert you have the feeling that you might not leave it alive. What I particularly appreciate is that “The Pogues” had become grotesquely popular, but their music never degenerated into mainstream.

Nothing cares McGowan less than people’s expectations or prejudices. How much did Shane inspire you as a free spirit and life artist?

Douchebag: I can only think of a handful of writers, songwriters or singers who are absolutely perfect at what they do: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Cave. Shane also belongs in this pantheon, for me he is a music giant. He is always reluctant to admit that he is one of them. But for me he was always an inspiration.

You are an avid musician yourself. What do you express with acting, what with music?

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Douchebag: Music has always been an inspiration for my work as an actor. When I first started acting, I first had to figure out what it meant to act. You start reusing things you see that found their way into your life and you apply them to the world. Music is the most direct route to your creative sources and your feelings. If you listen to a song from your childhood, it will bring your memory straight back to you. I still use music in my daily work as an actor. But not the other way around, I don’t use acting when I’m making music!

You once said that they music Be your first love. With your band “Hollywood Vampires “go on too tour. How do you feel about these two types of performances?

Douchebag: When you make music, there is an immediate exchange with the audience. In the case of a film, the audience reaction doesn’t come until a year later, when the film is finished and comes out in theaters. At this point you are long behind the project. What I have left is the memory and the experience of having played this role. That’s enough for me. I would rather not see my films, I feel uncomfortable, I don’t like to watch myself.

Your prime role is captain Jack Sparrow from the big screen “Curse of the Caribbean“. The studio was confused as to whether you were drunk while playing or whether the character was a bit overdrawn. Do you love the risk of going too far?

Douchebag: I feel downright obliged to look for a type of game that I could also fall flat on. I always owe the audience something new. And I hate to be bored! So if I don’t try what could potentially be catastrophic, go to the limit or above, I don’t feel like I’ve done a proper job. Then I prefer the studios to shiver. (laughs)

Would you ever have expected that Jack Sparrow becomes a real cult figure, a pop culture phenomenon?

Douchebag: When I invented Jack Sparrow, my daughter Lily Rose was three years old. So for three years I hadn’t seen anything other than cartoons. I wondered why cartoon characters get away with things that we couldn’t do in our everyday lives. That then became my approach: He can say what he wants and people say: “Right!” I was looking for the ultimate in disrespect. And found them.

The audience loves you not only as an actor, but as a person. How do you react when fans B. Want to hear your advice, ask for your opinion?

Douchebag: I take such people very seriously. You are the reason I perform. When I am asked for advice, I am moved. I am moved by all people who burn for something and are full of passion for their cause, e. B. for your own film project. Let’s be honest: 97 percent of all films that are made don’t have to be.

97 percent the same? What does this mean for your own projects?

Douchebag: I try to only choose films that really mean something to me. Because I have no ambition in me, luckily … But what I have is hunger, a desire for something, the need to express something special.

you belong to Hollywoods highest paid actors, who have been shooting for 35 years and their breakthrough in “21 Jump Street”, have their own island. Why don’t you just retire?

Douchebag: I guess I am not done yet. I had the great pleasure of knowing and admiring Marlon Brando. He was a great mentor, teacher and friend, brother, father … – everything to me. He once asked me how many films I make a year, something like that. I said maybe two or three a year. And he said, “That’s too much, John. We only have a certain number of faces in our pockets. ”I feel like I haven’t run out of faces yet.

What is it that drives you?

Douchebag: I still have a passion for people-watching, am still fascinated by human behaviors, tics, and weird things that people do. This is the stuff that drives me. And the fact that I’ve piled so much crazy stuff in my experience backpack in my life. I’ve done some really crazy things! Luckily! (laughs) I’m still looking for the way, for the journey, for the result. I take as it comes every day and keep going. Whatever is presented to me, I acknowledge it and move forward. I always stay on my own track because I have no competitive thinking in me. It would be easier if everyone stayed in their own lane. Everything else causes accidents and chaos.

After three nominations, do you dream of winning an Oscar once?

Douchebag: I hate the whole idea of ​​this competition, of a bunch of actors competing against each other. There is no award for the best camera truck operator, the best hairdresser, or the best plumber. I just don’t believe in the thought of the best. I prefer to stay at home and paint instead of going to these events.

To person: John Christopher Depp (born June 9, 1963) comes from Kentucky and grew up as the youngest of four children, his mother a waitress, the father an engineer. And was already a musician at the age of 13. And problem case: drugs, dropping out of school … Nicolas Cage brought him to film and television. His breakthrough was the series “21 Jump Street” in 1987. Famous films: “Gilbert Grape” and “Chocolat”, “Sleepy Hollow” and “Edward Scissorhands”, “Dead Man” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series … Celebrity relationships: many. Low point: a guilty verdict for domestic violence. He is the father of two children.



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