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“I am particularly embarrassed about these moments”

As a two-time Oscar winner, Denzel Washington is one of the greats in Hollywood. Every film in which he participates automatically becomes a worldwide box-office hit. But the 66-year-old takes on a lot for that. In the past, for example, Denzel Washington had to put on several pounds for one role or another. Not an easy task for the screen star, who can currently be seen alongside Jared Leto in “The Little Things” (shortly after the cinema release on Sky and Sky Ticket).

In an interview with the teleschau agency, Denzel Washington openly admitted: “Unfortunately, gaining weight is often part of everyday life for an actor. But I have to say that these moments are always particularly embarrassing for me. At some point, however, I always reach the point where I just let go of my shame and forget. “

The crime thriller “The Little Things” with Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto. © Source: Sky Deutschland / © 2021 Warner B

Denzel Washington: “It’s not healthy, but it works”

For his current role, he says he has chucked away 35 pounds. And not exactly in the healthiest way. His “diet” looked something like this: Eat something big late in the evening. “It’s not healthy, but it works,” says Washington. “Milkshakes have been good friends – ice cream has been my best friend.”

The actor made it clear with a broad grin: “At my age, I am more concerned than ever not to disfigure my body.” In the meantime, the star is no longer looking for physical challenges when taking on a new film role. Rather, completely different things count for him, as he explained to teleschau: “First of all, I read through the script to get a feel for the respective project. It is always very important to me to work closely with the director and the scriptwriters. With them I continue to shape and work on my film character until I have mastered and understood them perfectly. When I get to that point, all I can do is play the role and see what comes out of it. It’s like a puzzle that is put together piece by piece. “

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