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Hugh Jackman in the sci-fi thriller “Reminiscence” on Blu-ray in Q4 2021 – UPDATE

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Hugh Jackman in the sci-fi thriller “Reminiscence” on Blu-ray in Q4 2021 – UPDATE

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The theatrical release of the sci-fi thriller will take place on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 “Reminiscence – The memory never dies” (USA 2021). The feature film, which was directed by Lisa Joy and starred with Hugh Jackman in the lead role, enables people to relive their own memories in the near future. When a mysterious woman turns up one day, Jackman, as a mediator of this technology, has to make use of it himself in order to be able to unravel the secret behind this woman.


Just in time for the upcoming cinema release, “Reminiscence” can be shown in high definition Blu-ray disc can be pre-ordered online. There are still no details about technical features, equipment or the final release date. The release is expected in the 4th quarter of 2021 just in time for the pre-Christmas business. Whether rights holder Warner Home Video, the film also has a 4K version Ultra HD Blu-ray or the evaluation in a special edition such as a steelbook is still open at the moment. Of course we will keep you up to date as soon as there is news.


Contents: In the near future, thanks to large cities slowly sinking into the sea, the world will be on the verge of collapse. In Miami, the ex-marine Nick Bannister (H. Jackman) has specialized in using visionary technology to bring the most beautiful memories of his clients to light and to let them relive them in order to escape the threatening reality. An equally simple job seems to be that of his newest customer Mae (R. Ferguson). However, Nick begins a short but intense liaison with the beautiful stranger and falls in love with her. When Mae disappears without a trace shortly afterwards, a world collapses for Nick. Together with his assistant Watts (T. Newton), Nick sets out to search for Mae by asking people around them and reading out their memories. But in doing so he covers a conspiracy that puts his own life in great danger … (pf)
UPDATE:Our member scorpio1811 found out from MediaMarkt that a limited steelbook of the film is planned. Pre-order is not yet possible.

Expected to be on Blu-ray Disc in the 4th quarter of 2021:

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