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August 24, 2021 – 7:02 am clock

Sexy shoot at 54!

Nicole Kidman celebrates the 25th anniversary with the Australian “Marie Claire”. For the occasion, the actors from Down Under became the cover girl of the women’s magazine – for the tenth time. The 54-year-old shows herself in different looks for the special photo shoot. From a dramatic evening dress to a tight dress with fishnet stockings – and cuts a great figure!

The fans are enthusiastic about Nicole’s photos

Nicole posts a cover of “Marie Claire”, for this photo she wears an extravagant evening dress with long sleeves and a long train. She wears her wild curls straight and frayed. Another look is much more playful. Nicole wears fishnet stockings and a short dress, with a white skirt and a black bow on her upper body, as if she were an oversized gift waiting to be unwrapped.

Nicole shares the photos on Instagram and is showered with praise and compliments. The fans are enthusiastic: “Wait a minute! It’s unfair that you still look so good!”, Says a user in astonishment. Others are just as enthusiastic and write: “OMG, these photos are amazing”, “She just doesn’t know how to age” or “That’s so cute. I’m obsessed with your hairstyle.”

Frank photo, honest interview

As open-hearted as the photo shoot was, she answered the magazine’s questions as openly and honestly. She reveals to “Marie Claire” that she would regret one thing all her life: “I would have liked to have ten children,” confessed the mother of two biological children and two adopted children. More information here.




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