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Hollywood’s top earner: Daniel Craig makes the most money

Hollywood’s top earner
Daniel Craig makes the most money

Most recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson always topped the list of Hollywood’s top earners. But now he is being replaced by Daniel Craig. The “James Bond” star is the highest-paid film star in the world thanks to a Netflix deal worth 100 million US dollars.

No movie star deserves more than Daniel Craig. The actor tops a $ 100 million variety list. It lists the 17 supposedly highest salaries of film stars for new projects. Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Denzel Washington are also represented, among others. Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts are therefore the highest paid actresses.

Films that are published on the streaming services are apparently making a major contribution to the rising salaries. According to the report, the companies pay the actors higher total fees and thus compensate for the lost income of the stars, which they would receive by participating in the financial success at the box office.

100 million for “Knives Out” films

In March, Variety reported that Daniel Craig was shooting for Netflix. The streaming service has announced a second and third film in the “Knives Out” series. Part one ran successfully in the cinema with Craig in the lead role. Netflix is ​​said to be spending a total of $ 450 million on the two sequels. And the new “Variety” list shows that $ 100 million of this is said to go to Craig alone.

According to “Variety”, Dwayne Johnson will receive $ 50 million for the Amazon action film “Red One”. Will Smith’s salary for the planned biopic “King Richard” was reportedly increased to $ 40 million after Warner Bros. decided to release the film in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time. Denzel Washington is also said to earn 40 million US dollars for the thriller “The Little Things”.

The “Variety” list also includes Leonardo DiCaprio (“Don’t Look Up”) with 30 million US dollars, Mark Wahlberg (“Spenser Confidential”), also with 30 million, and Jennifer Lawrence (“Don’t Look Up.” “) with 25 million and Julia Roberts (” Leave The World Behind “), who should also receive 25 million dollars. Followed by Sandra Bullock (“The Lost City Of D”) with $ 20 million and Ryan Gosling (“The Gray Man”) with $ 20 million. Chris Hemsworth is said to be earning $ 20 million for Thor: Love And Thunder, as is Brad Pitt for Bullet Train. Michael B. Jordan (“Without Remorse”) comes to 15 million according to “Variety”.

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