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Hollywood stars Michael Paré, Robert Miano & Costas Mandylor shoot in Baden Baden – News Augsburg, Allgäu and Ulm

“Someone Dies Tonight”

The production company Dream-Team Pictures under the direction of the award-winning producer & director Vjekoslav Katusin realized the shooting for the film in which a total of more than ten world-famous actors take on roles. Pat Wind, who not only took on a role as an actor alongside Christopher Lambert, but is also involved in the making of the film as a co-producer, is one of the reasons why the shooting took place in Germany.


Image: Photo: Anna Bella Koszescha

In the middle of the idyll of the picturesque spa town of Baden-Baden, in the Equipage Bar in the Kurhaus, the shooting of scenes with the renowned actors Michael Pare, Robert Miano & Costas Mandylor took place for a week from mid-August. Outstanding actors who made film history during their careers with films such as Donny Brasco, Fast & Furious, The Philadelphia Experiment and the SAW franchise. Other actors in the promising mafia thriller are Christopher Lambert, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen, Armand Assante, Mike Dopud, Bai Ling and a hitherto unknown actor whose name will be announced in the next few months. In addition, Joey Heindle, as well as Kimberly Shane & the Turkish actress Tugyan Baris received small roles in “Someone Dies Tonight” for the first time. In addition to the shooting in Baden Baden, scenes with Christopher Lambert in Switzerland and with Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore in Croatia have already been completed. The award-winning Greek-German screenwriter Konstantin Georgiou was responsible for the script.

What is “Someone Dies Tonight” about.

To escape the harsh Berlin winter, the young German-Greek Jessica Dukakis (Jenny Paris) wants to celebrate her birthday on the warm island of Crete. She is accompanied by her boyfriend, the German soldier Paul (Maik van Epple), her best friend Maria (Raquel Montes), the daughter of a Spanish diplomat, and her buddy Franco (Morad Azzaaoui), an open-minded Spanish DJ. The four travelers miss their plane and decide to go to Greece by car. In anticipation of a two-day road trip across the Balkans, Jessica agrees to take a shortcut through Croatia, even though her father had warned her not to. The four get into a car accident with Marko, a friendly young Croatian man. He promises to fix their vehicle and invites them to stay overnight in his family’s beautiful hunting lodge nearby. What looks like relaxation after two days turns into a bitter struggle for bare survival. Unsuspecting, the group learns that Jessica’s father (Eric Roberts) owes a lot to the Mafia and that this horde of hit men is hounding them to kidnap his daughter.

Participants of the press conference:

Vjekoslav Katusin: film producer & director
Pat Wind: co-producer
Costas Mandylor: (SAW 3-7, Picket Fences)
Michael Pare: (The Philadelphia Experiment, Streets On Fire, The Client)
Robert Miano: (Donny Brasco with Johnny Depp & Al Pacino, Fast & Furios with Paul Walker & Vin Diesel)
Joey Heindle: (DSDS, Dancing on Ice & Jungle Camp)
Konstantin Georgiou: screenwriter

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