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“Harry Potter” stars like Daniel Radcliffe: These are your partners

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March 27, 2021, 8:00 a.m.

The “Harry Potter” stars are no longer the children from the first films. They have now grown up and have found their better halves. Rupert Grint even became a father and Daniel Radcliffe is also happy with his loved one. You can find out more about the actors’ partners here.

Rupert Grint in Familienglück & Daniel Radcliffe happy childless

Ruper Grint is with the actress Georgia Groome in a relationship. The “Harry Potter” actor keeps his private life under lock and key. It was not until April 2020 that it became known that the two were expecting offspring and that they saw little time the little Georgia already the light of day. In November of the same year it showed up Rupert for the first time in family happiness. He presented himself together with his daughter on a photo.

Also an actress Jessie Cave is in baby happiness. She has been with Alfie Brown together and had their third child last year. “Harry Potter” cast Daniel Radcliffe has been with Erin Darke together. The two met on the film set of “Kill your darlings“Got to know and love. Quite the opposite of fellow actor Rupert Grint, Daniel and Erin seem childless happy to be. As they revealed to “Vulture”, they would, however for one Dog wish.

Ring spotted: is “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson engaged?

Also at Emma Watson A lot has happened in love life. She is currently known to be with the entrepreneur Alexander Robinton together. There are no further details about the relationship, but she was only with one last month Ring on finger sighted. The British media “The Sun” and the “Daily Mail” reported on a possible one engagement by Emma Watson and her boyfriend. According to the Daily Mail, Emma should even have one for love Career break to plan. While the former “Hermione” actress is still bubbling with rumors, she did Matthew Lewis, who embodied Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” world, was quickly wiped out. After only five months He has a relationship with his love Angela Jones Marriage proposal made. The wedding followed in 2018.

Single since 2016: when does Tom Felton get a new girlfriend?

Tom Felton was in the magic movies as Draco Malfoy, the nemesis of Harry Potter, known. The now 33-year-old was last until 2016 for eight years with Jade Olivia Gordon together. He has not officially had a new girlfriend since then. In the meantime, however, there was plenty Rumors to a new lover of Tom Felton, nothing has officially been confirmed. Incidentally, his co-star Emma Watson was among the potential candidates for the fans. But to the disappointment of many fans, the two are apparently just friends! Has Tom Felton really been single since 2016? Who knows, maybe he already has a new girlfriend and is keeping it a secret.

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