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“Harry Potter” cast Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe turn away from JK Rowling – Cologne


Desert Insults Against “Harry Potter” Author JK Rowling – Does Her New Book Show Hostility Against Trans People?

Many Harry Potter fans have been confused or horrified for some time: is British author JK Rowling transphobic? Your latest book is causing a sensation! “Troubled Blood” has just been published in Great Britain and a huge wave of criticism and opposition is rolling towards the British author. JK Rowling is described on social media as a monster that destroys lives with his transphobia. Because Rowling publicly insists on a biological sex! “Troubled Blood” is about a serial killer who disguises himself as a woman. But the criticism does not go back to the book alone, but to an essay by the bestselling author published in the summer. There she writes that being a woman is a biological fact. In no way is someone excluded who only later became a woman. What is controversial is that she also wanted to spark a debate with the text about whether gender reassignment makes sense in teenagers. In addition, according to her essay, she does not want every ladies’ room to be open to men who claim they feel like women.

Distance of the “Harry Potter” trio Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint after these Twitter statements

Because of their trans-hostile statements on Twitter, the actors in the film adaptation of Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books distanced themselves from the author. This also includes the leading actors Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. But what did the author actually post? In a post on Twitter, she made fun of a text that said “people who menstruate”. But not all “menstruating people” can be called women, which is why the author excludes non-binary people. Trans women don’t have periods, but trans men do. Criticism followed, from fans and organizations. Rowling feels misunderstood and sticks to her statements. She countered the criticism with a reference to freedom of expression. However, so far she has not shown the will to deal with the opinion of her critics – and she should urgently!

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