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Harley-Davidson goes under the hammer

One of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the cult film “Easy-Rider” (1969) is auctioned. The motorcycle is slated to go under the hammer at the Dan Kruse Classics Sale on June 5th in Austin, Texas. According to the auctioneers, the estimated price is between 300,000 and 500,000 US dollars.

The authenticity of the film vehicle has been publicly questioned

Anyone who is not deterred by the price, however, has to consider one crux of the matter – the authenticity of the film vehicle is publicly questioned. The debate has been going on for seven years, “This Is Money” reported.

Another “Captain America Harley-Davidson” (this owner also stated that it was an original) was auctioned in a Californian auction for 1.35 million US dollars in 2014 – and thus holds the record for the most expensive motorcycle auctioned any times.

Confusion about the last remaining original

The iconic Captain America wheels were made especially for the film in 1969. Driven by Peter Fonda, who plays Wyatt, and Jack Nicholson, who plays George Hanson, in the film. Dennis Hopper aka Billy drove two different models.

Dan Haggerty, who plays a supporting role in the classic, recently confirmed that the motorcycle auctioned in 2014 was an original. He put it back together by hand after it was destroyed in the final scene of the film. The other three motorcycles that were ridden by the main characters were stolen and sold in parts after filming was completed.

“Something stinks a lot here”

Around the 2014 auction, however, Haggerty suddenly withdrew his statement about the authenticity of the two-wheeler. Although he had already signed a certificate to confirm it. He even admitted that he was wrong: “That was my mistake. It’s not the real motorcycle. “

Peter Fonda (deceased in 2019) also expressed himself suspiciously: “Something stinks a lot here.”

Auction house insists on authenticity

Only Dan Kruse seems to be really sure – the owner of the auction house who wants to auction the original: “This motorcycle is part of American film history as well as part of automobile history. It’s a legend and one of the iconic symbols of the 1960s. It represents the longing for a simpler life. A life full of adventure on the asphalt. It would be an asset to any automobile collection, be it private or for a museum. “

A spokesperson for the auction told “This Is Money”, who questioned its authenticity, said: “We confirm that this motorcycle is the model that was recreated after the accident. It is therefore the only surviving motorcycle of the original four models. “



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