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George Clooney: Star hit by storm in Italy

Firefighters rescue an elderly woman from her house in Laglio on Lake Como.

Storms paralyze the region on Lake Como, like here on July 27th in Laglio.

Italy is hit by violent storms. While it burns in the south and on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, new floods threaten in the north. Hollywood star George Clooney (60) is right in the middle.

Rome. Fires are raging in the south of Italy and another flood disaster threatens the north. The Italian civil protection authority issued new warnings for many parts of the Mediterranean country on Saturday evening (July 31).

For individual areas of northern Italian Lombardy, the highest red warning level applies, according to a report by the civil protection authority. Heavy storms had already raged there in the past few days. The area around Lake Como was particularly hard hit. There were floods and landslides there.

George Clooney rushes to Lake Como to help

In the village of Laglio, a celebrity turned up unexpectedly to pledge his help: US actor George Clooney. The Hollywood star himself owns the Villa Oleandra on Lake Como and is even an honorary citizen of the place.

The 60-year-old never put much emphasis on Hollywood glamor. And so he stands in the mud with other residents and helps with the clean-up work.

“The city is strong, it will react. It’s an extremely robust city, ”Clooney told Italian TV broadcaster Tg1 Rai. Nevertheless, the destruction is discouraging. “It’s worse than I thought. There will be a lot of work, it will take millions of dollars, but this city is strong, it will respond and come back better than before. ”

Increased severe weather warning levels in Italy

The danger has not yet been averted. The mayors and local authorities have been informed, said the head of the civil protection authority, Fabrizio Curcio, at a press conference in Rome that was called at short notice on Saturday evening. For other parts of northern Italy, increased severe weather warning levels apply, such as in northern Tuscany and Veneto.

Meanwhile, numerous forest fires continue to blaze in the south. Especially on the holiday island of Sicily, the fires had recently raged around the city of Catania, especially in the east. The fires are fueled by the persistent heat, drought and strong winds. Some attribute investigators to arson. Agriculture, animals and holiday resorts were affected. Curcio spoke of a “serious” and “disastrous” situation. The regional president of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, called for further support from the government in the fight against the flames. (dpa, susa)

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