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For Netflix film, he turns into John Wick

Will Smith’s career will soon take the bend towards the action-hardness that many fans have been hoping for since Bad Boys For Life. Finally, Will Smith’s sweat-inducing muscle war effort also makes sense: Everything is preparation to steel the body for combat moves. Soon he will be with John Wick director David Leitch a tough gangster movie for Netflix turn and can use the muscles well.

John Wick director turns Will Smith into an action hero on Netflix

News about the project spread like wildfire a few days ago (via Deadline ). The action film called Fast and Loose sparked a downright bidding war among streaming services and big producers like Warner, until Netflix won in the end and certainly paid dearly for it.

This is not really surprising either: With Will Smith, an immensely successful Hollywood star is on board. However, its good reputation is in no way inferior to that of director David Leitch.

After Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith makes another action blast

The co-director behind John Wick stands for the success of hard, hand-made stunt action (Atomic Blonde) and bombastic franchise spectacle (Deadpool 2, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw). Apparently the actor can use a bit of brutal fighting spirit in his career, even if we recently thought Will Smith was beautiful to howl.

And he will be in the Fast and loose story get too: John Wiley (Smith) wakes up half dead in Tijuana, Mexico and can’t remember anything. He finds out he’s the ultra-rich boss of a powerful criminal organization is, but at the same time also an informant for the CIA. The trouble is that he no longer knows which of these two lives was real or just a sham.

Will Smith gives his career the John Wick turbo

David Leitch’s trademark: hard action à la John Wick

So that it doesn’t turn into funny confusion, there is David Leitch. Where it says there are bloody fights inside. It almost feels like he’s the go-to place for big acting names who, impressed by the John Wick successes, want to give their career a rougher touch again.

So Leitch worked after Keanu Reeves with Charlize Theron on the similar rock-hard agent-cracker Atomic Blonde and most recently turned Bob Odenkirk into a family man’s fighting machine for Nobody. In addition to Fast & Loose, his film Bullet Train is also in the starting blocks, in which a group of assassins (including Brad Pitt) meet in an express train.

However, until Will Smith also follows in the footsteps of the murderous dog lover, it will probably take some time. We don’t expect a Netflix launch for Fast and Loose until autumn 2022.

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Are you looking forward to Will Smith’s new action project?

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