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Father Expects Gratitude: Don’t We Know All About Britney Spears?

Father expects gratitude
Don’t we know everything about Britney Spears?

Britney Spears has been fighting in court for years to escape her father’s tutelage. He pulls out the next stop and claims that his daughter’s situation is even worse than everyone suspected. Actually one should be grateful to him.

The dispute over her father’s guardianship for Britney Spears goes into the next round. Jamie Spears had actually only recently agreed to withdraw after 13 years in this regard, but he is now turning to another chapter. In a court document allegedly available to the British Daily Mail, he describes the condition of his daughter as far more dramatic than it seems.

The 69-year-old claims his daughter is struggling with “highly confidential” issues that the public has no idea about. He believes that he should actually be praised for everything he has done for the singer, he says.

“The public has no right to the facts”

The letter, which is supposed to be filed with the District Court in Los Angeles, is 15 pages long. Among other things, it states, according to the Daily Mail: “If the public knew all the facts about Ms. Spears’ personal life, not just her highs but also her lows, all of the addiction and psychological problems she had to contend with , and any challenges of guardianship, they would praise Mr. Spears for the work he has done and not defame him. “

But the public does not know all the facts and has no right to know about them. “So there will be no public redress for Mr. Spears.” Jamie Spears also denies having ever had control of his daughter’s 39-year-old drug regimen. Her former guardian Jodi Montgomery was responsible for this.

Time for giving up guardianship unclear

The singer is said to have been given lithium, among other things, which has a mood-stabilizing effect in bipolar disorders. Britney Spears had testified in court herself. That was all with Montgomery, the late psychiatrist Dr. Benson, her former attorney, Sam Ingham III. and other medical experts, claims Jamie Spears. He himself only wants to have paid the bills for the medication and speaks of at least $ 10,000 monthly treatment costs. He says he wanted to “save” his daughter, but admits that she apparently felt constrained by the strict treatment plan.

“There is no doubt that the guardianship saved Ms. Spears from disaster and assisted her when she needed it most,” the document continues. The guardianship saved the singer and her reputation from being damaged. They also stopped the medication from harming themselves.

Jamie Spears wants to resign as her guardian despite this declaration. The reason for this is that he wanted to save Britney Spears from a “public feud”. However, the 69-year-old does not name a specific point in time, he only speaks of a “suitable” one. He does not want to be deposed or suspended.

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