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Fast and Furious 9 with Vin Diesel is getting a new version – but does it make the movie better (or worse)?

Fast & Furious 9 ushers in the epic ending of the Fast saga about Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. This narrative responsibility was not only reflected in the running time of F9. This was especially noticeable in the – if you pardon the pun – muddled story, which fell victim to the fallacy that someone in Fast and Furious would be interested in the story.

This week a director’s cut of the blockbuster was announced, which now raises the question of whether we will still a better Fast & Furious 9 receive. More According to the first information, we will definitely get Fast & Furious.

What is changed in the Fast and Furious 9 Director’s Cut?

The Director’s Cut of Fast and Furious 9 will be available digitally on September 23, 2021 and on October 7th appear in different home theater editions, which you can find in the overview below in the article. But how much will the film change in the new version?

This information about the changed content of the Director’s Cut of F9 is known

According to Collider is the new version seven minutes longer than the theatrical version by Fast & Furious 9. The following awaits fans of Dom and his family:

  • the Relationship between Dom and his brother Jakob (John Cena) is deepened.
  • Dom’s development as a father is examined in more detail.
  • One new flashback with some of the “most popular characters” in the series is added.
  • Several scenes with Tej (Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) get a longer version.
  • There is an additional appearance by Cardi B.
  • One big action scene with the Armadillo truck from the final set piece in Tbilisi is longer in the Director’s Cut.

The Armadillo Truck in Fast and Furious 9

Does Fast & Furious 9 really have to be any longer?

The times when Fast & Furious films were under two hours long are far behind us. Before the first blockbuster in the series, Fast & Furious Five, all films were around 105 minutes long. After that, they all exceeded 130 minutes and Fast & Furious 9 is the longest at 143 minutes. Of the Director’s Cut * will surpass this number with a running time of around 150 minutes.

Viewed optimistically, the new and longer scenes could strengthen the cohesion of the film. The theatrical version of Fast & Furious 9 suffers from the constant changes of location and the many (legacy) characters who sometimes stop by for a short time. Then the core of the film, the brotherly dispute between Cathedral and Jakob, became a side story.

Viewed pessimistically, even the longer term will not lessen the burden of 20 years of franchise mythology that Fast & Furious 9 has to pull together before the grand finale. On the contrary, when there is talk of a new flashback with fan favorites, it sounds like everything, just not a tighter, more dynamic narrative of the film. And this was one of the blockbuster’s biggest problems. Fast & Furious 9 offered various exciting action scenes, but in between tiring info dumps and laboriously integrated character backstories paralyzed the spectacle. If there is one thing that Fast & Furious 9 needs, it is a shorter term.

These editions of Fast & Furious 9 appear in Germany

With the home theater start we will be able to see for ourselves whether the Fast and Furious 9 Director’s Cut is better or worse than the theatrical version. The following editions will be available in Germany from October 7th:

All mentioned editions offer both the theatrical version and the director’s cut by director Justin Lin.

* The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. Moviepilot receives a commission when purchasing via this link.

Are you going to watch the Fast & Furious 9 Director’s Cut?

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