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Ex- “Grey’s Anatomy” star Sandra Oh on age, career and Jack Nicholson

She is the first Asian actress to win multiple awards. And she found herself on the cover of Time Magazine in 2020 – as one of the most influential women.

KURIER: You grew up in Canada with Korean parents. When you won your second Golden Globe two years ago, you thanked you very deeply. How would you describe your childhood?

Sandra Oh: I am extremely fortunate to have a very good relationship with my parents. I know that this cannot be taken for granted. That’s why it was easy for me to tell them so publicly how much I love them. You have given us children three important things: The family comes first. You have to do something for others, whatever you do must also serve others. And your relationship with God must be strong. Because my parents are also very Christian. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t describe myself as particularly religious today, but that’s definitely how I grew up.

At what age did you know you wanted to be an actress?

At ten. I started ballet when I was four, but I wasn’t good enough to become a ballerina. Acting just clicked.

Which actors did you impress?

I was always fascinated by the American films of the 1970s. Jack Nicholson perfectly embodied the psyche of the American man. But I always wondered why there was no female counterpart to him. Why can’t women go through existential crises? It hasn’t been there before, and that’s why I enjoy “Killing Eve” so much, because I play a role in it that is going through just that.

When did you know you made it? After “Sideways” (2004)?

No, although many see it that way. I only realized it when I read the script for the first episode of “Killing Eve” and looked for the doctor or receptionist while leafing through it. Because those were the kind of roles I was offered all the time. I even called my agent and asked where my receptionist role is. “You should play Eve! The title role! ”Then I knew, okay, now I’ve really achieved something.

And how do you as a woman deal with your age?

At any age there are important moments that advance you. For me it was around 2005, 2006 when I found my acting coach and first saw the connection between art and spirituality. I was in my mid-thirties then. In my 20s, I just ran after myself. Real ambition came along in the 30s. And for the past ten years I’ve deliberately been looking for projects that really interest me, not just jobs. And now I’m learning to relax.

And private?

Dreams that have nothing to do with acting? My family, my friends. I have nephews and nieces and it is very important to me that I spend time with them. When I’m not working, I travel to see her. I travel to maintain these personal relationships. Because we know that’s the only thing that really matters in life.



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