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Even at 59, Tom Cruise is no stunt too blatant

25 years of “Mission Impossible”: Tom Cruise and his most blatant stunts

The seventh film in the series around Agent Ethan Hunt is being shot and leading actor Tom Cruise is not slowing down. His most extreme stunts so far have all been breakneck.


Ethan Hunt is basically the American James Bond, but even he lags behind actor Tom Cruise and his stunts. In the video you can see the five most blatant actions that the actor pulled off (almost) without any tricks.

When Tom Cruise made his first film in the series in 1996, he was just 34 years old. Still young and crisp, stretchy and wiry. Today he is shooting the seventh part of his agent thriller and is still doing a lot at the age of 59: He’s still insisting on doing most of the things himself these days – for his stuntman easy money, since he’s only for the Train comes if Tom doesn’t get the job done.

Of course, over the years Cruise has broken many bones, bruised joints, and grazed knees. In the video, however, you can also see a slightly different stunt form: He held his breath for six minutes.

The cinema release of “Mission Impossible 7” is planned for May 2022.

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