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Chris Hemsworth’s all-time Marvel low was the best thing that could have happened to Thor

“Cut his hair, destroy his hammer!”, calls on Chris Hemsworth from Marvel boss Kevin Feige sometime in 2016 and he is serious about the matter. The hero from Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom – long-haired, haughty, clumsy, still a bit sticky – Chris Hemsworth never wanted to see again. The conversation sparked one of the most important developments in the MCU.

The young MCU screwed up Thor – and learned from it

Of the Success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is largely built on its reliability. When superstars like Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson drop out (and sue the old employer), the Marvel Factory will happily keep delivering movies and series.

Thor steelbook in the unique Mondo style

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But the creative team around boss Kevin Feige needed the one film in the middle growth phase of the franchise that showed him that the evil twin brother of reliability is called stagnation and boredom.

The Dark Kingdom is one of the biggest failures in MCU history for a variety of reasons. The sequel was not well received by many fans and critics, it is one of the less popular Marvel films, although Thor and Loki are two of the most popular characters on the front line.

The best Thor appearances in the MCU before Thor 4

From garbage to masterpiece – we all rank THOR films in the MCU


Those directly involved talk about the second single film by the god of thunder like one Teaching example for harmful stubbornness in the MCU: Thor 2 is a film that relies too much on tried and tested components. But a franchise like the MCU, which is largely defined by sequels, relies on original and imaginative variations on the familiar. This dreary stagnation could not be allowed to repeat itself.

“Meh”: The boring Thor 2 threw Chris Hemsworth into a dark Marvel hole

Chris Hemsworth takes the lead role in the tough internal evaluation. The impulses for the Reinvention of the character in Thor 3: Decision Day led. The breeding ground for this was Hemsworth’s deep dissatisfaction with the development of his character. He also heard fanboy guru and director Kevin Smith gossip about Thor on his podcast, which is a “It felt like kicking my ass.”

The Australian then addressed himself with one dramatic cry for help to Kevin Feige: “I feel like I’m dying. Like I’m handcuffed.” He describes his emotional world shortly after Thor 2 opposite Vanity Fair as “frustrated and bored “.

In 2018, Hemsworth gave in an interview with GQ a more detailed criticism of the content:

The first is good the second is rather more. What masculinity means, the classic archetype. That’s when it starts to feel very familiar.

The character hadn’t moved, was still the old man. In fact, there were early warning signs to suggest that Thor 2 a lost movie could be.

Avengers 3: Infinity War – The Evolution of Thor


Patty Jenkins, now a two-time Wonder Woman director, jumped from the director’s post because the script was too bad for her, as she revealed in 2020:

I didn’t think I would make a good movie out of the script can that they wanted to use.

She feared for her reputation, Thor 2 would at least have set the course for her career:

It would have looked like this like it’s my fault been. It would have looked like, ‘Oh my god, this woman shot this and she did so much wrong.’

How Marvel invented a new Thor

In 2014, a year after The Dark Kingdom, Guardians of the Galaxy became the MCU film with the highest gag density to date to a surprise success. He hardly played any more on earth and relied on eccentric characters like Groot and Rocket Racoon. Thor 3 took over these components of the recipe for success at the insistence of Hemsworth.

It has to be funnier, it has to be unpredictable. We have to completely upset the tone.

Decision Day was about breaking all the rules. In the sense of ‘once it feels familiar, do something different’ and Taika Waititi – the director – has the same vision and the same thing […] Anything is possible thing. (2019 versus Yahoo)

In his third adventure, Thor escapes to a bizarre garbage planet, where he meets the rock creature Korg and has his deepest conversations with the monosyllabic Hulk leads. In addition, there is a character with the charismatic Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) who challenged Thor again. The most important thing: Hardly a scene in Day of Decision goes by without a punchline. All of that gave that before “depleted“Hemsworth returned the lust for his figure.

Crucial for the extreme and successful reorientation was that the three most important creators of the film were on the same wavelength: Hemsworth, the eccentric New Zealand director Taika Waititi, who supported his main actor wholeheartedly, and Kevin Feige:

When we started with Hemsworth and Thor, he had blonde hair, a hammer, a cloak. All of this makes up Thor. He has performed as Thor so many times now that Chris Hemsworth IS Thor. So we cut his hair, get rid of his hammer, and it still is.

How Infinity War and Endgame and soon Thor 4: Love and Thunder build on it

The third part grossed over $ 200 million more than its predecessor. The broken, still crude and naive, but now darkly sarcastic hero became one of the most popular and interesting characters in the MCU. The ensemble films Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were delighted to highlight Chris Hemsworth’s exposed comedy talent.

Thor in Avengers 4

Taika Waititi is sure to soon deliver the best Marvel film of all time with Thor 4: Love and Thunder. Well, it just drums a little. But the conditions could be worse. The god of thunder is the first hero to face his fourth solo film. The next reinvention is pending, but this time the character starts from a stronger position.

All, according to Hemsworth, “look forward to you something fresh and new to offer. After leaving Thor like this in Endgame, we have a lot of room to move and ourselves again to change drastically […]”

Thor 3 made the hero grow by taking away everything familiar. Thor 4 unexpectedly gives him back his great love. Natalie Portman’s comeback is based on a sensational Marvel comic, her arc could be so voluminous that there is hardly any space left for the title character. The return guarantees friction, sparks, love and thunder.

The team and Taika Waititi now know that it can hurt, challenge, and turn Thor upside down, and it’s chutzpah enough to do that too.

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What do you think of Thor’s development in the MCU?

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