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Better late than never – daughter teaches Matt Damon

Children often make their parents better people. Actor Matt Damon also noted this: He owes it to his daughter that he no longer uses the F-word to label homosexuals. In his childhood the term was a common expression “with a different area of ​​application”.

In an interview with the Sunday Times about his new movie Stillwater, Damon said: When he used the word at the family table, his daughter got up and left. “Come on, this is a joke!” Damon tried to stop her. “I said it in the film ‘Inseparable’.” His daughter wrote him “a very long, beautiful treatise on the way the word is dangerous.”

This insight comes a little late, criticized the queer American actor and writer Travon Free. “I’d like to know what word Matt Damon used [das Wort] has replaced, ”the actor wondered Billy Eichner skeptical. When celebrities talk to the press, it is always revealing, according to Hollywood reporters Daniel Fienberg. “The stories of people like Liam Neeson or Matt Damon […]that they believe to be human and charming, [zeigen] actually just their isolation and isolation (and other disgusting things) [auf]. “

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