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Are you planning a sequel?

The fairytale romance “Pretty Woman” is one of the most popular rom-coms of the 90s. Is the hope for “Pretty Woman 2” in vain?

“Once upon a time …”: Every fairy tale begins with these words. Gerry Marshall’s film “Pretty Woman” doesn’t do this, but critics often draw the comparison. This is because the plot has something fundamental in common with the telling of a fairy tale: it just seems too good to the audience to be true! With its kitschy surplus of romance, the world hit at the time was able to score a lot at the box office. The recipe for success of “Pretty Woman” is clearly the story around its two main characters. When the romance film made its cinema debut on July 15, 1990, millions of moviegoers fell in love with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, making the two of them one of the highest paid actors of the 1990s. Would a follow-up entitled “Pretty Woman 2” be able to repeat this success?

In our Video we show you sequels that you can look forward to:

The smart, ruthless businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) lives and works in New York, where he enriches other companies as a corporate raider. When on a business trip to Los Angeles one day, he meets the attractive prostitute Vivian (Julia Roberts), who will change his life in the future. Instead of treating Vivian like a call girl, he hires her for a week to accompany his business events. The more time the mismatched couple spends together, the more they fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, Vivian’s “dirty” secret does not stay under lock and key for long, which puts the two of them relationship to the test.

In their interviews, they usually reject the question of whether Julia Roberts or Richard Gere would slip into their roles one more time. “Richard Gere would very likely be in a wheelchair and I would roll him down the slope in my black hooker boots! No, that we will shoot a second part is just as unlikely as the possibility that I will have a child for the fourth time, “said Julia Roberts to the” In “magazine. Nine years after the publication of “Pretty Woman”, the famous duo for “The bride who doesn’t dare” stood together again in front of the camera. Since then there has never been a sequel in the room. Currently there are no references to a sequel anywhere. Even if a new edition would always be possible, this also remains to be seen. According to the star’s statement, “Pretty Woman 2” cannot be assumed. And if so, then certainly not with the original line-up.

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+++ Warning: Spoiler warning for “Pretty Woman”! +++

Of course, “Pretty Woman” crowns a happy ending. Edward conquers Vivian’s heart like a noble knight by surprising her with a bouquet of roses in his white limousine in front of her apartment. She is already about to leave the city to return to her homeland. But for her sake he even overcomes his fear of heights and confesses his love to her on the fire protection stairs. All of that although the romance was supposed to end on a much darker note. In an interview with Variety, Julia Roberts revealed the original finale of the cult film to fans in 2019: The businessman would have dropped the prostitute in an alley and drove away without consideration. Fortunately, the original version was never made. When two producers said goodbye to the film project, Disney bought the rights to the film and adapted it according to their romanticized ideas.

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