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Amanda Seyfried rushes to help after the shock photo

Claire Holt addressed her fans with a bold Instagram post. After portraying her helplessness, she was flooded with assistance.

Claire Holt has been overjoyed since her son James saw the light of day. But the birth of a child presents the new mother with completely new challenges. And the Vampire Diaries actress already has to struggle with these. But fellow actress Amanda Seyfried stood by her side with helpful tips!

Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt gets celebrity help from Amanda Seyfried!

Amanda Seyfried is the mother of a 2-year-old daughter and has long since figured it out. In contrast to Claire Holt, who is still a little overwhelmed with her mother duties. When the Vampire Diaries actress posted a tearful picture on Instagram after she had a real “breastfeeding fight” with her baby, Amanda Seyfried came to her aid.

The actress revealed, “I took two days off the first week so I wouldn’t feel fear and sadness every time she wakes up to be fed,” said the actress.

Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt gets a lot of support on Instagram!

Claire Holt just needs to take a little pressure off so that she can devote herself to her baby less stressed. Amanda Seyfried advised the Vampire Diaries actress: “Don’t feel guilty. Simply pump and fill. And then I did both consistently. It’s less pressure. You are not alone”. And that was also shown by the fans of Claire Holt. They shared their own stories and wrote her their personal tips on how to take the pressure off and enjoy their baby happiness more.

The Vampire Diaries actress was very touched by the strong support and thanked her fellow actors with an emotional post on Instagram. Nina Dobrev took the chance to carefully ask her former colleague from the series about a baby visit.

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