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Actor Chris Hemsworth shows “ultimate family workout”>entertainment>

July 30, 2021 – 12:16 clock

How does Chris Hemsworth stay in shape?

For everyone who is wondering how “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth (37) keeps his hammer body in shape: He delivers his figure secret in an “ultimate workout” video on Instagram. Read here what you need for this.

“What you need for this: …”

“My wife and I designed the ultimate family workout. All you need is a kid, a skateboard, a horse and an ‘I can do it’ attitude. Good luck,” explains triple dad of twin sons (7 ) and a daughter (9).

The video that he posts makes it clear what he means by that: He takes daughter India Rose by the hand and jogs while she skates through the pipeline. And because the nine-year-old is already pretty brisk on the skateboard, dad has to really accelerate to keep up. Up, down, curves – the 37-year-old runs through the entire skateboard course for his little daughter.

Married since 2010

Chris Hemsworth

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth at the premiere for ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ 2019 in Los Angeles.

© picture alliance, Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency

Workout à la Hemsworths

Wife Elsa Pataky also gets her sporting costs: while dad is responsible for skating, mom has to help out while riding. Chris’s wife, with whom he has been married since 2010, accompanies India Rose on the pony – and breaks a sweat there too.

Workout à la Hemsworths – know how! “I know this workout,” comments buddy Ryan Reynolds (44) below the video. Sure, he knows about this fitness hack: Ryan and his wife Blake Lively (33) also have three kids … (rla)

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