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A sex dream with Leonardo DiCaprio created the most bizarre situation in Jonah Hill’s career

Actors have to endure loads of crap for their place in public. Some lose 50 pounds for one role. A Game of Thrones actor peed in his pants in front of the camera. And still others experience the most embarrassing moments of their careers on the promotional tours for their films. So it happened to Jonah Hill, who was meanly insulted for War Dogs – by a sex dream with him, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

TV tip War Dogs: Sex dream with Leonardo DiCaprio turns into an interview insult

How the situation came about is no longer entirely understandable. In any case, she had nothing to do with the film: After all, it’s only about two young school friends (Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) who to become world-class arms dealers through a change in the law. No Leonardo DiCaprio, no Brad Pitt. No group sex dreams.

They only came on the table when Teller and Hill went on a promotional tour to France for the film and an extremely bizarre interview situation developed in the process. Ornella Fleury, who is responsible for the weather at the French program Le Grand Journal, told Jonah Hill in an interview an extremely piquant sex dream anecdote that eventually turned into an insult.

Watch the War Dogs interview with English subtitles here:

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When I saw you being sodomized by a ten-foot demon in This Is The End, I said to myself, ‘This is the man of my dreams!’ “says Fleury. Accordingly she starts telling Hill about her sexual fantasy with him:

We’d meet in a hotel room at night. We’d talk and you would make me laugh … then you would be your friends [Leonardo] Bring DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in and leave.

What begins with a rabid tussle quickly turns into an inappropriately intimate anecdote and then to a pretty ugly insult.

Jonah Hills’ War Dogs interview wasn’t a sunny day for him

Hill reacts accordingly upset (in an equally ugly tone of voice) with the sentence “I’m glad I came here to be insulted by the local weather girl.” From the dream.

When is War Dogs on TV?

Shortly afterwards, Fleury apologized. She judged the relationship with him to be much more amicable than it actually was. The film shouldn’t have been damaged by the promotional incident – only Jonah Hill’s self-esteem was probably dented. It doesn’t have to be: Because War Dogs, like many other films, is proof of his immense acting talent. The war comedy is on tonight at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

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