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A rose for Leonardo DiCaprio

Berlin The Bachelorette Maxime Herbord has no luck with men. Although she is looking for a partner in an explicit dome show, the applicants run away from her and do not want a rose from the searching lady. Now a man receives a rose from Maxime Herbord, who would probably be a potential partner for many women: Hollywood actor and womanizer Leonardo DiCaprio. Unlike his peers, he cannot run away: Because the DiCaprio who receives the rose is made of wax and will move into Madame Tussauds Berlin next Tuesday.

You can see the wax figure of Leonardo DiCaprio in an elegant and Oscar-worthy black tuxedo. “Visitors can now kiss the Hollywood beau in his gallant outfit to their heart’s content and toast with him,” said the operators of the wax museum. Bachelorette Herbord is also looking forward to the wax star, but would also be interested in the original made of flesh and blood: “Leo would also be my type and would have a chance of my last rose.”

In the dome show she had little luck recently: After several men left the show broadcast on TVNOW on their own initiative and were no longer interested, Maxime Herbord was plagued by self-doubt: “Is it me? Apparently yes, it already happened twice today. ” After she sobbed, “Does it make sense that I have this role? What’s wrong with me? ”, She even had to be comforted by an RTL employee.

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