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40 years on stage in one evening

It was January 24, 1981 when Charles Moulton’s stage career began. 40 years followed with many commitments. In the Friedenskirche he looked back now.

Around 100 guests did not want to miss out on Sunday evening (August 22nd) in the Distelner Church, indulging in memories for almost two hours and listening to the appropriate music. Charles Moulton proceeded this chronologically.

The now 51-year-old was born in Graz, Austria. His mother, then one of the most famous mezzo-sopranos in Europe, came from Sweden. The father, also an opera singer, was American with Irish roots.

Video sequences of performances by the parents

“My family was once part of the Irish aristocracy. Our family tree goes back more than 1000 years. But one of my ancestors drowned all of our money and titles in the 19th century, ”is just one of the many stories Charles Moulton can tell.

Or how he celebrated its stage premiere as the troll “Klampe Lampe” at the age of eleven – in the play “Es Leben die Trolle”, which his parents wrote. In line with this, Moulton showed video sequences of his parents’ performances in church on Sunday.

Employment at the “Broadway Musical Night”

The entertainer then talked about his time at the Vienna University of Music and about his graduation, when he was so heavily made up that even his mother did not recognize him.

In the mid-1990s it went to the chamber opera in Vienna. At the same time, the now 51-year-old made up his Abitur and graduated with an average grade of 1.3.

1996 followed the employment with the “Broadway Musical Night”. From this time Moulton presented songs from “Phantom of the Opera”, “Miss Saigon” and “Les Misérables” on Sunday.

Met Johnny Depp twice

In Vienna Moulton then stood on the stage of the Raimund Theater for several years. From 1997 the “Dance of the Vampires” was performed there as a musical. Moulton landed a role. “I had to play a village idiot.” Moulton stayed with the dance of the vampires until the end of the musical in 2000 and during this time also met the US actor Johnny Depp, who made the film “The Nine Gates” in 1999 and was temporarily in Vienna .

Shortly afterwards Depp ran into him again. At this time, Moulton was earning his living as an entertainer on cruise ships, including in the Caribbean. The actor was filming part of his “Pirates of the Caribbean” series on St. Vincent.

Back on solid ground, Moulton was part of the ensembles of “Buddy Holly” and the “Lion King” in Hamburg. In the Disney production, he played the villain Scar and Pumba, the warthog. “The Pumba costume was really huge and cost $ 30,000 alone,” recalled Moulton.

“Annie’s Song” for wife Tanja

In addition to titles from “Buddy Holly”, the “Lion King”, Moulton also presented songs by the Beatles and Elvis on Sunday – one of his star roles. And as a highlight of the evening there was “Annie’s Song” by John Denver for his wife Tanja. “This is just our song”.

Charles Moulton presented a cross-section on 40 years.
Charles Moulton presented a cross-section on 40 years. © Wencke Maiß © Wencke Maiß

Their daughter Mara also delighted the audience. Together with David Köhle she presented “Kick Ass (We Are Young)” by the singer Mika.

Finally there was Frank Sinatra’s “The Lady is a Tramp” and “New York, New York” as well as the very last encore “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis.

“That was a great evening, but Mara and David did really well. The mood was great. ”

And despite everything that Charles Moulton has experienced in the past 40 years, one thing is certain for him today: “The most exciting time of my life is here in the Ruhr area.”

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