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“Young Rock” shows us three Dwayne Johnsons ·

Three Dwayne Johnsons will appear in the planned series of the megastar. We introduce them all to you.

Known from:

  • Born: May 2nd, 1972 in Hayward, California USA
  • Jobs: Actor, actor, producer, speaker, producer

From WWE star to highest paid actor in Hollywood: Dwayne Johnson’s life story is quite a special one. So it’s no wonder that the entertainer is now living his life in the series “Young Rock“Filmed. In order to cover as many stages of his biography as possible, he is played by three different actors.

After US fans of the ex-wrestler had been able to enjoy the series on NBC since February 16, 2021, we can now enjoy the series in Germany thanks to Sky. It starts from that October 4, 2021.

You don’t want to miss “Young Rock”? You can find the various subscription packages from Sky here.

The trailer for the series shows how the rock trio is doing:

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The three Dwayne Johnsons

In addition to The Rock himself, the actor has decided to cast three different actors to cover the most important events of his life.

The Dwaynes at a glance. There is already a certain resemblance to the star. © NBC

The child Dwayne Johnson

With ten years “Little Dewey” was already girl and professional Wrestling enthusiastic. The young and wild version of Johnson is played by Adrian Groulx.

The youthful Dwayne Johnson

Even if you wouldn’t look at it, Johnson is actually only in the photo 15 years old. For this period of his life, too, Johnson chose a rather unknown face. Bradley Constant will soon show how The Rock felt like it as a teen.

The adult Dwayne Johnson

With just 20 years the actor began his career as a football player at the University of Miami. In those “defining years” Johnson went through ups and downs. One of them was certainly the expulsion by his replacement of the future professional footballer Warren Sapp (via Slashfilm). Actor Uli Latukefu (“Alien: Covenant”) is allowed to embody the abysses of the megastar.

VIDEO: These stars didn’t get along well on set:

The Johnsons

In Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life, other people also played a leading role – and still do. The family-oriented actor has also gone to great lengths to cast his father, wrestler Rocky Johnson, mother and grandmother.

Ata Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s mother has always been a constant in his life. Anyone who follows the star on Instagram will have seen his mother several times. Ata Johnson survived her cancer and is still – or perhaps because of it – going through life with a smile. This smile will soon embody Stacey Leilua.

Rocky Johnson

He was not just a role model for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by name. Rocky made wrestling history as the sport’s first black “tag team” champion and is undoubtedly one of the main reasons his son decided to pursue a wrestling career. His father, who passed away earlier this year, is played by Joseph Lee Anderson.

Lia Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s grandmother has seen a lot herself. As the first female wrestling promoter, she had to assert herself in an all-male world. She had to emigrate because of an extortion lawsuit and was homeless in the early 1990s. With the help of her only grandson, however, she got back on her feet. In “Young Rock” she is played by Ana Tuisila.

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