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Which is what Jennifer Aniston – apart from the set – earns a fortune

As an actress, Jennifer Aniston has been in the business for years. According to Forbes she was the fifth highest paid actress in 2019 with $ 28 million in income – after she was on the list of the highest paid actresses since the seventh season of “Friends”. With the show’s final seasons, Aniston and her former series colleagues have hit an all-time high in salaries. According to industry insiders, they made $ 1 million per episode in seasons 9 and 10.

Since then, the 51-year-old has successfully secured her market value. Even with her return In the series compartment in the Apple-produced mini-series “The Morning Show”, Aniston reportedly took home $ 1.25 million per episode per episode.

Lucrative advertising deals

But Jennifer Aniston also knows how to increase her income outside of acting. The daughter of the Greek-born actor John Aniston has been cashing in since 2017 thanks to lucrative advertising deals such as Aveeno, Emirates Airlines and Smartwater really like Forbes reported. Aniston was also for years Ambassador for the hair care brand Living Proof. After the brand was bought by Unilever in 2016, this is said to have given the actress’ bank account, who had already secured shares in the hair care line in 2012, another big plus.

Aniston knows how to market himself well

What makes the “Dumplin” star such a lucrative advertising face? According to Cubit shows a survey from 2018, that 91 percent of people surveyed by a celebrity database found Jennifer Aniston to be “appealing” – in terms of popularity, Hollywood star Brad Pitt’s ex-wife was only bettered than the former First Lady Michelle Obama and Duchess Kate Middleton outdid. And Jennifer Aniston uses her reputation as “Everybody’s Darling”.

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