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Tyga deletes OnlyFans account & starts own platform myystar

From October 2021, OnlyFans will prevent all pornographic uploads and made sure that Tyga founded his own platform and wants to earn real money with it.


The hype about OnlyFans
Tim Stokely founded the paid internet platform OnlyFans in 2016 and was able to reap the fruits of his success just a few months later. More and more people created a profile and either uploaded erotic and pornographic pictures and videos or viewed them after taking out a monthly subscription. But the content was not cheap: OnlyFans is said to have made around 2.2 million dollars in sales in 2020 alone, which is expected to increase to 5.9 billion dollars in 2021.

Our celebrities also wanted a little piece of the pie and created their profiles. Whether Cardi B, Bella Throne or Sean Paul, various musicians: inside can pinch millions of their followers a month and present themselves half-naked on the net.

Tyga turns on
In mid-August, the shock for countless of the two million creators who had earned their living with OnlyFans: From October 2021, the website will ban any kind of pornographic content and will “meet the demands of banking partners and payment service providers”.

And exactly that announcement has already caused a lot of unrest. So much so that Tyga said goodbye to his account and created his own platform. The rapper wants to earn millions with “myystar” soon and said that his coup should be more lucrative. Accordingly, men and women have to deduct around 20 percent of all profits from OnlyFans, while Tyga only wants to reap ten percent. “I know that a lot of people have made a lot of money on OnlyFans. This is where they get most of the money from. I want to give hope to these very people, ”Tyga told Forbes.

Tyga herself is said to have earned around eight million dollars on OnlyFans according to “Marketing Hub”, placing herself behind ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne and Cardi B. But he has now deleted his account and is promoting his own platform, which is due to go live in October 2021. You can already register for a profile today. And they didn’t wait long. As the rapper explained, over 100,000 inquiries should have been received within three days.


Tyga has hired the best web designers the USA has to offer. Will the website for pornographic and erotic images and videos be ready in time?

Will he be successful with it?

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