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This TikToker looks like Emma Watson

Does Emma Watson have a doppelganger? TikToker Kari Lewis from the USA could actually be Emma’s twin sister.

Is Emma Watson on TikTok now? Many fans asked themselves this question when they discovered the profile of American Kari Lewis. The 31-year-old looks very similar to the “Harry Potter” actress.

The young woman from Indiana recreates the cult figure Hermione Granger on TikTok. She shows herself in the famous Hogwarts school uniform or in the pink ball gown that Emma wore in the film. She also often slips into the role of Belle, who Watson played in the film “Beauty and the Beast”.

As early as 2001, at the start of the first “Harry Potter” film, Kari often heard that she looked like the actress’s face. “My mother says she can really see the resemblance,” Kari told the DailyMail. “She sometimes sees a photo of Emma Watson and thinks it’s me.”

Kari, who is an avid “Harry Potter” fan herself, has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, and on TikTok there are even 365,000. As a cosplayer, she also appears frequently at conventions: “To see the reactions of the people at these events is amazing because they are always so shocked,” said Lewis, who has a young daughter.

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