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These singers are traded as Billie Eilish’s successors

If a successful pop star can count on one thing like yellow press attacks, it is: the call for epigones, for a new representative of his recipe for success. In the meantime, it’s been two years (gigantic in hype terms!) That the greatest pop star of our day, Billie Eilish, released his debut album – and with it the aesthetics of e-kids, a youth culture that emerges from the look pool served by Gothic and HipHop, Anime and Skate culture, brought from the online world of Generation Z into the consciousness of the masses.

Just in time for WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP’s birthday, WHERE DO WE GO? You can now observe the rapid pace at which artists in Eilish aesthetics are finding employment with big labels. There is the Berlin electro-pop singer Novaa, whom Eilish names as a role model and who is now under contract with Herbert Grönemeyer’s label Grönland.

Moriondo poses as a blood-smeared weirdo

Or the US singer Chloe Moriondo: just three years ago, the 18-year-old covered Eilish’s “Idontwannabeyouanymore” in a nice fluffy look on her YouTube channel, now her debut BLOOD BUNNY is out on Warner. Although her sound is closer to Soccer Mommy’s Avril Lavigne commemorative indie rock than to Billie Eilish’s ASMR pop, she has adapted to her role model in terms of weirdness: In the video for her song “I Eat Boys”, Moriondo stages himself as a bloodied weirdo.

Like Eilish, Moriondo cultivates a morbidity that suggests that both still have vital (childhood) memories of the emo wave of the noughties – similar to Thea Taylor. She walks through the video for her song “Trailer Trash” under the name Carolesdaughter with face painting between monster and horror clown, which also earned her Eilish comparisons.

And the original? Recently made her fans freak out by announcing on Instagram: “Things are comingggg.” (And shortly afterwards her second album HAPPIER THAN EVER announced.) In the photo for the post, she no longer wore her black and green signature hairstyle, but platinum blonde. And granny cardigan. Is that supposed to be the new Billie Eilish? Why not, there is enough of the old one now.

This column first appeared in the 06/2021 issue of Musikexpress.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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