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The stars of the series earn that per episode

Salary report 2021: This is what the series stars earn per episode

Salary report 2021 (c) Collage:

Which series stars were able to negotiate the best contracts? How much does a Henry Cavill earn per Witcher episode? And how much did Oscar winner Kate Winslet ask for Mare of Easttown? Here are all the numbers for 2021 …

After we recently presented the top earners in the film sector (here is the link), the series stars are now following. Variety has found out how much the most successful actresses and actors in series earn. Network malachers make it into the top 15, as do cable workers and streaming staff. The ratio of men and women is also almost balanced, with the top positions remaining male-dominated.

In general, there is currently a trend that Hollywood stars can charge higher and higher fees per episode, as the VoD platforms in particular want to outdo each other with big names. At the same time, the success gauges, which used to be simply audience ratings, are becoming more and more confusing. That also makes negotiations difficult for the actors when they don’t even know whether their format is a hit. For example, John Krasinski is said to have recently commissioned an analyst firm to assess the audience figures for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in order to bargain for more money on Amazon.

We cannot guarantee the correctness of the following information. As I said, we are referring to the figures from our US colleagues Variety. They should have learned the information from insiders. Advertising money and other income are not included in the rating, it is only about the contracts for the respective series that are currently being produced.

The Emmy Award-winning succession stars

$ 300,000 to $ 350,000 per episode

Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook earn between $ 300,000 and $ 350,000 per episode as the spoiled Roy siblings in the award-winning HBO drama Succession. Only her father, played by Sir Brian Cox, comes off even better with an estimated $ 400,000 to $ 500,000 per episode. But the whole cast is rewarded in relation to the ratings, which is probably due to the Emmy success a year ago.



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