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The best driver in 20 years of Vin Diesel action only has one mini-scene

The Fast and Furious series has been racing through our cinemas for 20 years. There are now nine films in the main series and one spin-off that should probably not be mentioned in Vin Diesel’s presence.

The best rider in the entire Fast and Furious range we see only very briefly despite the chases and street races. Because Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and Co. can’t do much against this legend.

The best driver from 20 years of Vin Diesel Action comes from Japan

With this one God behind the wheel it is not a fictional character (sorry, Han), but a real racing driver who has subjugated asphalt and rubber to his will.

What is meant is the Japanese Keiichi Tsuchiya, who has influenced another auto-fixated franchise in addition to Fast and Furious, but more about that – and his appearance in F&F – later.

Why is Keiichi Tsuchiya an auto legend?

Right in the picture: Keiichi Tsuchiya

Keiichi Tsuchiya, who was born in Nagano Prefecture, was behind the wheel as early as the late 1970s. In road races, he made a name for himself with his virtuoso handling of cars on the serpentines of the Japanese mountains. And that name was soon “Drift King”. (via Drifted )

Keiichi Tsuchiya played a significant role in that Popularization of drifting. This maneuver provokes extreme oversteer so that the car slips through the curve, so to speak (more on this at Auto Motor Sport ).

The Japanese also gained notoriety through his successes during his professional racing career. For almost 20 years he took part in competitions in various racing series, including Super GT and even NASCAR.

This influential video from 1987 shows the Drift King in action:

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His path also led to world’s most important racing event: the 24 hours of Le Mans. Keiichi Tsuchiya took part in the legendary challenge seven times with designers such as Honda and Toyota. He and his team won two times in his car class and in 1999 was even second in the overall classification.

Which Fast and Furious character can do one, let alone two Le Mans victories show?

Fast and Furious relied on the skills of Keiichi Tsuchiya

The car fool, who came from a humble background, retired from active motorsport in 2003, but remained an expert on television and cinema. This is where Fast and Furious comes in.

When filming The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Keiichi Tsuchiya worked as Stunt coordinator and stunt man mit, that is, he not only advised the film crew, but also sat in the car himself.

This is also shown in the following making-of, in which the driver is given amusing instruction to make his driving style look as amateur as possible:

The Fast and the Furious_: Tokyo Drift – Behind the Scenes “The Drifter” (English) HD


Where does Keiichi Tsuchiya appear in Fast and Furious 3?

In the film, Keiichi Tsuchiya also has a small appearance as an angler who wonders about the drifting maneuvers of beginner Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) and asks: “You call that drifting?”before he later has to admit that the student is doing a not so bad job.

With the cameo, Tokyo Drift bowed to the man who had a major influence on the history of racing. Fast and Furious isn’t the first or only franchise to owe a lot to Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

the most popular drifting story in film and television finally didn’t tell F&F, but the anime Initial D based on the manga of the same name. The Drift King inspired the character design of the anime, as its hero Takumi also preferred to drift through the curves of Japanese mountain roads. He was also involved in Initial D behind the scenes.

The small Appearance by Keiichi Tsuchiya in Tokyo Drift meanwhile accompanies the swan song to a Fast and Furious era that comes to an end with the trip to Japan. It’s all about road racing, before the Fast & Furious series – New Model. Original parts. and Fast & Furious Five took off into other spheres.

So it actually fits quite well that the best driver in the whole series appears in Tokyo Drift of all places.

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