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Start, episodes, cast, trailer, plot of the Sky series

In Young Rock, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks back on his youth. We have all the important information about the new Sky series for you.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started his career as a football star for the University of Miami Hurricanes team, but had to give up his promising career due to a knee injury. For this reason Johnson decided to make a career as a wrestler and became world famous as “The Rock”. From there, the 49-year-old made the leap to Hollywood and Dwayne Johnson was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in 2020, ahead of Ryan Reynolds and Mark Wahlberg.

As the title suggests, his new comedy series “Young Rock” is about the actor’s early years and tells in retrospect how Dwayne Johnson grew up, illuminates his teenage years and the beginnings of his wrestling career. In this article we have all the information about the start, episode, cast and plot of the series for you. You will also find a trailer at the end.

“Young Rock”: Start at Sky Ticket

The new comedy series “Young Rock” goes to October 4th, 2021 Sky Ticket to the start. You can also access the episodes of the series via Sky Q and, from October 4th, “Young Rock” will also appear in double episodes on Mondays Sky Comedy broadcast. That Sky Entertainment monthly ticket costs 9.99 euros per month.

Synopsis of “Young Rock”: what is the comedy series about?

The hook of the series is that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is running for US president in the near future in 2032. In the course of this he gives a detailed interview about his past and his career. The actor’s story is then told in flashbacks, which is based on true events, but of course does not reflect reality 1: 1.

The flashbacks take viewers to 1982, 1987 and the 1990s, with a different actor taking on the role of Dwayne Johnson each year. As a ten-year-old, he lived with his family in Hawaii and looked up to his father, who was his great role model and wrestler himself. In 1987 Johnson was 15 years old and went to school in Pennsylvania. In the 90s, the series then revolves around the football career of the fictional presidential candidate.

Cast of “Young Rock”: cast actors

The real-life Ata Johnson, Dwayne Johnson’s mother, made a cameo during the interview between Dwayne and Randall and in the season one finale. These are the main characters of “Young Rock” at a glance:

  • Dwayne Johnson as himself
  • Adrian Groulx as a ten year old Johnson
  • Bradley Constant as 15 year old Johnson
  • Uli Latukefu as 18 to 20 year old Johnson
  • Stacey Leilua as Ata Johnson (Mother of Dwayne)
  • Joseph Lee Anderson as Rocky Johnson (Father of Dwayne)
  • Ana Tuisila as Lia Maivia
  • Matthew Willig as André the Giant

Episodes of “Young Rock”

Season 1 of the comedy series comprises a total of eleven episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes. The German titles of the individual episodes have not yet been published. Until then you will find the original English titles of the episodes in the overview:

  • 1. “Working the gimmick”
  • 2. “On the Road Again”
  • 3. “Forward, Together”
  • 4. “Check Your Head”
  • 5. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”
  • 6. “My Day with Andre”
  • 7. “Johnson & Hopkins”
  • 8. “My Baby Only Drinks the Good Stuff”
  • 9. “A Lady Named Star Search
  • 10. “Good vs. Great”
  • 11. “Election Day”

Trailer for “Young Rock”

A trailer with German dubbing is not yet available. Here you can watch a trailer for “Young Rock” in the English original:



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