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Spider-Man 3 is going to change the MCU – and this great Marvel movie is showing what that can look like on TV today

The tension around Spider-Man: No Way Home with Tom Holland is slowly reaching its peak after we have had to wait so long for a first trailer. But it is certain that the Marvel blockbuster will completely turn the MCU upside down. This is mainly due to the Multiverse, which plays a major role in Spider-Man 3 and will bring together different characters from various comic book universes.

Another Marvel film in 2018 that comes from the smaller Sony universe showed what that could look like. The wacky animated film Spider-Man: A New Universe, den ProSieben today at 8:15 p.m. as a German free TV premiere radiates is a stimulant multiverse madness!

Spider-Man: A New Universe is a frenzy of colors and shapes

In the animated Marvel film, the teenager Miles Morales is in a Spider-Man costume. In doing so, he finds out that a particle accelerator is causing holes different parallel universes belching. From which different versions of Spider-Man (and Peter Parker) penetrate into the world of the main character.

Watch a German trailer for Spider-Man: A New Universe here:

Spider-Man: A New Universe – Trailer 2 (German) HD


Spider-Man: A New Universe constantly explodes and acts as a fast-paced high like a comic book cast in motionthat mixes 2D and 3D animations, pop art styles, trip reminiscences and a poppy soundtrack for overstimulation.

The highlight of the Marvel film is the gathering of the many different Spider-Man versions through the multiverse. In addition to an older, broken Peter Parker, these include the animal Peter Porker, a female anime variant or the Spider-Noir, which was superbly spoken in the original by Nicolas Cage and in black and white style.

Due to the adventure playground character, this animated film could already be a blueprint for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. In that we will then very likely see how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as well as Tobey Maguires and Andrew Garfields Version of the superhero clash for the first time in a movie.

Also check out our critical video about Tom Holland as Spider-Man:

That’s why Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is just not good!


as trendy, colorful style fireworks Spider-Man: A New Universe remains one of the most extraordinary, entertaining superhero films in recent years. The next real Spider-Man film with Tom Holland will then start in German cinemas on December 16.

Podcast for Marvel Fans: Is Loki the Best MCU Series?

The new Marvel series Loki at Disney + changes the superhero universe like none before. Because Loki sets the course for an important new villain and the discovery of the multiverse in the MCU.

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In the podcast, Jenny Jecke and Max Wieseler talk about what the series means for the future of the Marvel universe and what strengths and weaknesses it has. And they ask themselves: is Loki not only the most important, but also the best series in the MCU?

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