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Shirin David: It doesn’t get any hotter! She models for Rihanna’s lingerie brand

Shirin David possesses in tight lingerie

In order to put the lingerie in the right light, the rapper has thrown herself into lascivious poses and gasps the fans with the hot recordings. Within one day, the photos received more than 300,000 hearts. And Shirin also gets a lot of encouragement in the comment columns. “I’ve just become straight,” writes a fan who apparently has other priorities. And another thinks: “Shirin not only makes German rap sexy again.” With the sentence: “The woman is a goddess”, almost another follower expressed his enthusiasm in words.

In the video below there was a life update – Berlin, album and friends.

Shirin David is a successful business woman

Shirin David not only cuts a fine figure as a singer and model. Just like Rihanna, the 26-year-old has a keen business acumen. She recently successfully launched her own iced tea called “Dirtea”. According to her, there should have been more than 20 million pre-orders before sales started. The tea has also been on the market since August 16.

Rihanna is unmatched

In order to build on the success of her new business partner Rihanna, Shirin David still has to work hard.

Rihanna was recently named the richest singer in the world by the business magazine “Forbes” and is said to have amassed a fortune of 1.7 billion US dollars (the equivalent of more than 1.4 billion euros).

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